the kaiser family

welcome sylvie!

If you’re here to see this beautiful family of five, you’re in for quite the treat! Baby Sylvie joined the family this month, and the amount of love in this house is overwhelming! Steven and Sammi are just overflowing, and these kiddos are sweet as can be.

You KNOW I’m always in favor of real moments, and I love big sis Whitney keepin’ it real here. And also, Sylvie is soooo perfect!

She’s tiny, innocent, perfect (didn’t I say that already?) and so dreamy. I am also predicting she will be the wildest of the bunch! Because, you know, third babe.

You know that feeling when you come home from the hospital with a new baby and their older siblings are suddenly giants? Sweet Whitney, that’s you! This little girl is honestly going to be such an amazing big sister. She’s go-with-the-flow, and funny, and full of joy. I can’t wait to see what fun antics she shares with her little sis.

The dynamic of the household is solidly set by this handsome gentleman. Will is awesome. He jumps on the couch all day and wants to play Gooey Louie and Operation and look for bugs and show you all the cool stuff he can do. He’s pretty great, and he’s very tender with baby sis. I’m sure his parents are incredibly proud!

You see? So much love from the parents for these wonderful kiddos. Also, I bet they are tired, but you can hardly tell. đŸ™‚

Sammi is an old friend of mine, and motherhood looks so beautiful on her it’s mesmerizing.

This is what parents mean when they say they could stare at their babies all day long. Of course they can! Look at that cutie in their arms!

A visit to this house filled my heart up big time. Kaiser family, you’re absolutely golden! I hope you’re enjoying every last second of this craziness, and cuddling Sylvie extra extra. Thanks so much for the window into your lives!