the johnson family

Awww, you guys, some of my very very favorites are back! It’s not fair that kids grow up fast, but they do, and that’s that, so here we are. Oliver and Veda couldn’t be a cuter set of siblings. It’s always a total pleasure seeing them and getting to focus all my photo energy on their sweet family.

We hung around their dreamy neighborhood and climbed trees, wandered paths, went on a hunt for the perfect set of steps on which to have one’s photo taken. It was a wonderful night!

Sometimes on an adventure walk you just need a lift from dad. 😉

We were lucky enough to have grandparents join the walk, too!

Oliver is curious, outgoing, passionate and happy. He is so much fun to be around and I love trying to guess what thoughts are bouncing around his mind as he seems to always be a thought ahead of his current question. He’s also one heck of a big brother! Lucky Veda!

These two are both favorite shots of mine. Veda about did me in with her overall cuteness and curls!

We found pretty decent steps, right, Oliver?? We did also have a scraped knee incident after this photo, so hopefully that will be forgotten by next time. So sorry, buddy!

Veda! This girl is unbelievably sweet. She just seems to delight in whatever she’s doing, and her eyebrows spring up in this inquisitive way while she tries desperately to put words together to tell you some precious, exciting news or detail about her day. Don’t listen to anyone who says 2 is anything but magical!

Diane and Kinsley, thank you so much for this special session. I love watching you with your kids. You are amazing parents and are just so good to them – spending time with you guys is an absolute treat. Can’t wait to do this again!