the moffatt family

Happy dance time – my brother’s family is back on the blog! And ohhhh, how I missed them! 😀

I will be at high risk of over-gushing about each image in this post, but hey – they’re family! What’s a girl to do? These are truly some of my favorite people of all time. Mark and Jenna make lots of people feel that way about them – they are easy-going, super funny, and always game for the most off-the-wall ideas. They are raising these three adorable humans to be just as awesome as they are.

The heart-melting grin on the left belongs to Miss Nora – or Norabel as Grandma calls her (my mom’s favorite suffix for any name ending in -a). Quiet as a mouse, and the world’s best cuddler, nobody can resist her sweet smile and mesmerizing eyes. She’s silly and beautiful and everything nice. On the right, I can hardly stand how grown-up Harper is. More on that in a bit.

When we do family photos in Lincoln, as was the case here, these guys are the definition of flexible. They are ready anytime and up for any place. I was so happy we had a beautiful night to capture their sweetness.

So really, Harper. She’s six weeks older than my eldest and that has led to such a fun relationship with this particular niece of mine. She has a mind all her own – a brilliant one – and is fiercely independent. I’ve almost never seen her without a sparkle in her eyes as she considers her next move of any given day. She’s also a fabulous big sister, and so helpful especially with Ben – the handsome guy on the right with his mom.

Aren’t they just SO CUTE?

BEN! I think he can go an entire day without making almost any sound at all. He’s an observer, much like his dad, and able to make himself content with almost any little object to study. Every time I see him, when it’s been a few months since our last visit, it takes him some time to warm up to me again, but a game of hide-and-seek breaks him and then he’s my bud. 😉 His little grin is full of magic.

My favorite.

Being a parent is exhausting, but it’s filled with beauty and joy that far outweighs the struggles. Something about this image sings of that truth.

Love you all to pieces, Moffatts. Thank you for letting me make images of all the amazing things going on in your family.