the loya family

Sessions with this stellar crew make me wish they lasted twice as long. I can never get enough of Asa’s hilarity, Mari’s loveliness and twinkly eyes, and the JOY Craig and Melissa find in their family.

Oh my goodness, the personality! Asa. I cannot decide if he will become a senator or a stand-up comedian. Is there a way to merge those two? 😉 The best, most grown-up-yet-bizarre-and-creative things come out of his mouth, and his grin will knock you over.

Mari is sweeter than french silk pie. I don’t know, it just came to me, so go with it. She is wonderfully artistic, and quiet…until she’s not. Then her smile lights up with energy and a look of mischief. Oh, and she’s smart as can be! A treasure.

The two of them together are quite the sibling combo. Oh, so much love and laughter.

You’ve got a gooooood crew, Craig & Melissa!

Melissa’s laughing smile is just the best. She’s an incredible mom and I adore how much she enjoys her kids.

Clearly the kids thought I was hilarious (hehe), but their best laughs always came from having fun with dad. Rightly so!

While we snapped this image of just mom and dad, the kids were begging to photobomb…

…and I can’t decide which I like better! Loyas, thanks for the endless laughs, and bringing your personality game like always. You are gold!