the muller family

It is ALWAYS a wonderful day when I get to have a little of this family in it. They are sunshine and magic and laughter – who doesn’t need a little of that each day?

Both Alyvia and Brooklyn are chomping at the bit to grow up. They are (were?) amazing as little ones and goodness knows they’re going to be fantastic “big” girls, too. Or are they already considered big girls? They’re so smack in the middle, and I love the back and forth that goes on when you see them play and smile and laugh.

Brooklyn absolutely never disappoints in the personality department. 🙂

And I know I said there’s still lots of “little” in them, but Alyvia is leaning pretty hard into grown up status. She’s suuuuch a sweet beauty!

Nick, in case you weren’t aware of it, all your ladies adore you.

I think these fierce girls get it from their mama – Niki is stunning, and has a contagious excitement and passionate approach to life. Sorry to gush, but they’re all just so darn inspiring!

Side note: at the end of my sessions you get to let loose (if you haven’t been doing so from the get go)!

I hope these girls stay unapologetic for who they are for all of time. Thank you, thank you, Muller fam! Such a pleasure to photograph you, as always!