the moore family

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and imagine me meeting this wonderful family of families at our location, and as four different cars pull up, cute children just keep pouring out of their carseats and I’m a swooning pile of happiness to see these teeny, darling cousins ready for fun. I looooooove my job! 😀

It’s an added bonus that two of the lovely mamas in this group are friends from my sorority in college. That certainly doesn’t happen every day! It was so much fun to see them in mom mode.

Brock and Kelsey have the happiest two boys – Paxton and Wayne! And they sure love their daddy.

My favorite part of these sessions is telling grandma and grandpa how many kids they’re gonna hold. 😉 This clearly wasn’t Grandpa Brent’s first rodeo.

Oliver is the kind of baby boy that everyone adores. I think he’s all set to do no wrong, so his next year (or three) should be a breeze for him!

I mean really, these three could not be cuter if they tried.

Brent and Lori with their three fantastic kids. It’s so evident how proud they are of each one of them.

Lindsey & Josh’s girls Mila and Giana bring all the sugar and spice. And they probably should be child models? Maybe? All I know is they are ADORABLE.

Little Giana was just a smidge unsure of all this business at first. I might have issues, but these are always my favorite photos. Please, please, please make these children reenact this when they’re grown!

It was so much fun to get to know your families, Moore crew! Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s all so very good. Thanks for being your wonderful selves!