the thomas family

welcome kennex!

Baby Kennex is here! He has been here a few weeks, actually, and these photos are from his very first hours. What a sacred place to be – in this room, seeing first breaths, witnessing first meetings with a sister and grandparents – it’s something to cherish. I had planned to share just a few photos from Tyler and Mandy’s hospital session along with the newborn photos we took at their home a few days later, but the sweetness of this snippet in time just required it’s own post.

I arrived just a few minutes prior to big sister Coralee. If you’ve been in one of these rooms, one of these beds, holding one of these precious new ones, you know this is a top life moment. I can’t even write about it without tearing up. It’s pure sweetness.

She’s liking her new job! And she’s oh-so-good at it.

They make the perfect little family of four.

Mandy’s mom Kris is such an awesome Grandma – she was so proud, and so happy to meet Kennex.

I’m mildly obsessed with this image, discovering that head of hair under the baby beanie!

Baby brother looks so much like Coralee in the hospital. A quick check of her photos confirmed. 🙂

Kennex, you’re part of an incredible family that isn’t going to let you go a single day without being extremely loved on. Welcome to the world, buddy! Big thanks to your parents for letting me in on the specialness of this day.