the seeba family

This vibrant, beautiful family gracing the blog today was such a riot to photograph! The kiddos aren’t hurting for personality in any way, shape or form. Read: these are my kind of people!

There are a few familiar faces, and a few new ones since cousins from Florida were visiting.

Cousin time is one of those priceless things you can’t live with or without. 😉 Memories of all kinds were made on this weekend, so it was a perfect time to document the love-filled chaos. Oh, how I hope these sweet kids will love looking at these photos of themselves a few years down the road.

Eden, you sweet, spunky girl! This beauty called me “teacher” and gave me a hug at the end, so she clearly knows the way to my heart. It was pretty much game over for me.

Miles and Eleanor! If you read the blog, you’ve seen these two around. And I truly can’t get enough of them. They are ready to take on life with gusto, and have all kinds of creative ideas, much like their parents.

Last cousin duo is Lenna and Ellis! This girl adores her baby bro with flair and he seemed to me to be itching to keep up with her. They are beyond cute, these two.

I really like grabbing a photo of the crew that started it all in the midst of these extended family sessions. So beautiful to see how life grows and changes and fills up! Thank you Seeba family for a fantastic evening together. 🙂