the callen family

THE CALLEN FAMILY IS BACK! They’re like a national treasure, and I can’t get enough of this wonderful little crew. My friendship with Cherise goes back thirteen years, and I am full of thanks that we are still in the same city, in the same life stage, and I get to watch her be a mom. There’s lots to learn from that. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re wondering why these cuties look familiar, you can see their past sessions here: 2014 (maternity), 2014 (baby Cora), 2015ย and 2017 (baby Owen).

One of my favorite things about their family is this little girl’s bond with her mom. They have distinct differences, Cora and Cherise, but they make a dynamite mother-daughter pair. I think Cora has perpetual heart-eyes for her momma, and rightly so.

This is one of my faaaaaavorites.

Owen – this boy is made of equal parts adventure and sweetness. His faces undo me.

If it’s been a while since you grabbed a photo with your partner in crime, stop what you’re doing right now and take one. It can be a selfie, whatever. Just don’t forget about documenting the true core of life with small kids, in the midst of documenting those darling little ones. Your kids will want those photos, too!

This image is just very, very Cora. She’s gonna take on the world with joy, friends. Her little personality is fierce, quirky, and measured. She observes things very keenly and then just opens up with huge smiles and laughter. Delightful.

If there is an award for Most Patient Constant Dad Ever, it would hands down belong to Mike Callen. I know he can get his feathers ruffled only because of a story about a recent broken toe or something of that nature, but I’ve personally never, ever seen him be anything but calm with a smile on his face. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The kids obviously adore him.

I caught him mid-struggle-to-escape. Being one-year-old, man, it’s tough but also the most cush age ever!

More of my sessions should end with ice cream. Let the drippy, sticky, mess of happy reward begin!

There’s something magical in this image. Cora’s eyes, mom catching the drip, Owen hard at work with a spoon as big as his hand, Dad waiting for his turn. This is life at it’s best.

Callen fam, time with you was quite literally very sweet. Thank you for sharing your amazing family with me and letting me get them all sugared up at bedtime!