the wortman family

If a family invites you to their lake house to capture the true, relaxed essence of their family in their beloved vacation spot, your answer is YEP. I had so much fun with this happy crew!

The original Wortmans!

Paul and Sue’s fun grandparent game is strong. They are clearly adored by each one of these cute kiddos.

Love these matching sisters, and I’m thinking 10, 20, 30 years down the road they’re going to love this photo.

Mia is essentially the perfect baby. Oh my sweetness!

Cousin friends! Henry, you just keep stealing everyone’s hearts, ok?

I think I said “Wow” out loud when I saw this photo of Caitlin on the back of my camera. Isn’t she stunning?

My favorite. Big families are so wonderful. Thanks again for having me out to your special place, Wortmans!