the kruse family

This beautiful baby lay wide-eyed, perfectly still, making the sweetest faces every minute I was in this family’s home. I am smitten, and her parents…well, they’re gonna be in trouble when it comes to having to say ‘no’ to this perfect baby girl. Hattie, you are stealing hearts already, and have so much to share with this world. I’m sure of it.
Don’t you LOOOOVE her little wave? I’m sure she’s waving. 🙂 Working out the yawns while dad’s hard at work on his swaddling skills, which he referred to as “baby origami”. Best part of maternity/paternity leave: staring into those new eyes for hours on end. One difference I’ve noticed from photographing lots of different families in lots of different life stages, is that the one time you don’t have to direct anyone to smile is during a newborn session. Built-in happiness. You guys look amazing and so natural as a family of three! Favorite image, hands down.
What a treat to meet your sweet baby girl, Halley & Chad! Wishing you a rich & full season of raising this sweet one.