the oliver family

One of the most naturally happy families I ever did see. The Olivers! You know for sure when mom doesn’t ask any questions or even raise an eyebrow to meeting for photos in a nondescript parking lot on a busy street, that you’ve got a winner. 🙂
These boys were so much fun! I love their brother relationship – so sweet (pictured here), but so very brotherly with lots of tongues sticking out, fart noises, and general silliness. This job. It does not ever get old.17_12_oliver_02 17_12_oliver_03 Grant. I definitely think this kid is older than he is. He just has a maturity about him that seems to say he’s going to do great things. Can you tell that from meeting a kid once? I think so. 17_12_oliver_04 My mama heart is obsessed with both of these. Just sayin’! Also, blue walls call to me. I cannot resist.17_12_oliver_05 And William! So much fun, quirky, mischief packed into a small human. 17_12_oliver_06 17_12_oliver_07 I’ve had a thing for lining everyone up by height lately. Artsy? Let’s go with that. 🙂 I do love it, though! 17_12_oliver_08 In case they ever forget how old they were… this was all Traci. She’s on top of her mom game!17_12_oliver_09 17_12_oliver_10 Can you believe this smile?? 17_12_oliver_11 On the right: did I say something funny that only Grant understood?? Hmm. 17_12_oliver_12Possibly my favorite of the day, mostly because of Grant’s SWAGGER.
17_12_oliver_13 17_12_oliver_14-1I had such a blast with you, Oliver fam! Don’t let those boys grow up too fast – they are just so perfect right now!