the cox family

Twins. Twins!!!! Twins and their families have me in the deepest awe, so don’t be surprised in this post to find me at a lack for words. I’m just in sheer admiration of what it takes to parent a new baby, not to mention two of them. Speaking of those babies, ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness, the sweetness is about too much to handle. Meet Evie & Ezra.
17_12_cox_02The perfect, tiny duo. These two were easy-peasy angels the entire I time I worked with them! Right off the bat, my favorite thing about Evie (on the right) is how she keeps one eye open), and Ezra shares my joy of sleep – or so it seemed for the few hours I spent with him. 🙂
17_12_cox_03 17_12_cox_04 Evie, darling girl, you just seem so intent on figuring out your little world, and the main thing that calmed you down…17_12_cox_05 …was this guy. Ezra – totally expressionless except for this tiny moment during which he raised that little eyebrow. 17_12_cox_06 If you read this blog or follow it at all, you’ve met Kinsley. I had zero doubt about how fantastic of a sister she would be. I can’t get enough of this photo. Big sis just stepping into her new role with 100% confidence and 100% love and affection. Oh, you lucky little babies.17_12_cox_07 17_12_cox_08 I love how I get lost counting little limbs in newborn twin photos – the way they’re always curled up together. Even better with sister’s and mom’s hands in there, too.
17_12_cox_09 17_12_cox_10 17_12_cox_11 Both these photos have my heart all wound up!
17_12_cox_12 17_12_cox_13 The real twinning begins when you set those bitty arms free. HOW DO THEY DO THAT?17_12_cox_1417_12_cox_15 17_12_cox_16 These three kiddos are so loved. I was recently thinking about how with each new baby, the web of relationships in a family grows. More connections are made – everyone has their own new relationship with this new amazing person, and their presence changes the relationships that already exist in beautiful, generous ways. Everybody loves more.  And that’s my excitement for you, Cox family. And in that excitement, I’m just going to leave you with these antlers to make your hearts explode and your smiles burst! 17_12_cox_17