the cordell family

These imaginative, sweet, gorgeous girls came running up to me when they got to their session with the starriest eyes and all the excitement about taking photos again. Filled my heart right up! I had heart eyes for weeks after our last session, and the same vibes are back this time. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job??17_10_cordell_02 Sister love is an amazing gift. I sincerely expect these two to be best friends *literally* forever.17_10_cordell_03 Sienna is looking entirely too grown up. I mean, they both are. Ayla was super tiny baby the first time I photographed her! I know from experience with my own kids how quickly they grow up, but it’s magnified x10 with families I photograph once every year or two. It is such a privilege to see who all these amazing kids are growing up to be. 🙂17_10_cordell_0517_10_cordell_04 SPUNK LEVEL = 100. I love it, I love it, I love it.17_10_cordell_06 17_10_cordell_07 17_10_cordell_0917_10_cordell_08 Kara, you rock the mom gig. You’re go-with-the-flow, you embrace all the silliness and fun, you let your girls be themselves, and you are the source of so much love for your family. I admire it all so much.17_10_cordell_10 Sienna, never ever stop loving life the way you do.17_10_cordell_1217_10_cordell_11 17_10_cordell_13 I kind of want to go do this session again, it was so much fun. Cheers to you, Cordell fam! Until next time. 🙂 17_10_cordell_14