the mcelravy family

I stepped into a dreamy newborn fog when I walked into this adorable house to meet baby Harriet. LJ and Emily seem to have stepped seamlessly into their new role as parents and there’s so much love for Miss Hattie, it’s impossible to miss it. What a lucky, lovely little lady!
17_07_mcelravy_01Newborn babies have the most unique movements. The way they stretch, their little hands swimming around with no voluntary control, finding their faces and exploring every new texture – it’s part of what makes these sweet babes feel so new. Once it morphs into intentional, playful movements, confident crawls, waving hands, these images will bring this whole season flooding back. My favorite detail here: that’s a preemie diaper on this teeny thing. Hattie came three weeks early, but besides her size, you wouldn’t know it. She’s a champ.
17_07_mcelravy_03 New momma love. Completely stunning in Emily.17_07_mcelravy_04 17_07_mcelravy_05 17_07_mcelravy_06 17_07_mcelravy_07 Those hands again. 🙂17_07_mcelravy_08 17_07_mcelravy_09 Lj, fatherhood looks good on you. She’s in such good hands.
17_07_mcelravy_10 Hi there, sweet girl!17_07_mcelravy_11 On the right, oh yes they did. They found the tiniest foam finger in all the land. GBR!17_07_mcelravy_12 Wishing you the most wonderful memory-making days in your new season, McElravy fam. 🙂 Congratulations on your little Hattie! It was an honor to photograph her!17_07_mcelravy_13