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Hi, there! I am very eager, as always, to get talking about the amazing people in the images below, but today I feel the need to make a quick disclaimer. I sometimes worry, when I get busy with portrait sessions and post a lot, that it may seem like I’m always saying “such nice things” about the people I photograph, and it can’t possibly all be genuine. Well, I’d just like to make it clear that I don’t exactly know how I drew the right straw and got lucky enough to have the best clients/friend-families under the sun, but I mean every word I say on this here blog, and social media, and wherever. 100%. No BS. Ok, that’s all, you may continue. :) And please do, because it’s another good one!

I cannot help but smile every DANG time I pull up this family’s session. It is almost like they are a unicorn family and can’t be real, BUT. THEY. ARE!

17_07_klemsz_01 The sister love is for real, their cuteness is for real, and the smiles don’t get any better than this. 17_07_klemsz_02 17_07_klemsz_03 Daddy Justin with his girls. I met Justin back when I worked in digital design, and sweet Mirabel on the right was born just a month or so before my oldest daughter. 17_07_klemsz_04 Girl. You are sweetness personified.17_07_klemsz_05 17_07_klemsz_06 I’m not going to try to hide that I have a thing for families with two girls, 2-3 years apart. I mean…obviously! There are sisters, and then there are sisters who are friends. :D These two have it figured out.17_07_klemsz_07Erica, it’s obvious to me you’re doing good mama work, and it shows in your beautiful girls.17_07_klemsz_08 My favorite, begging for a frame!17_07_klemsz_09 17_07_klemsz_10 Tell me they don’t make your heart stop!17_07_klemsz_11 Side note: it took Eloise no time at all to figure out that the farther away I got while we were shooting, the smaller they would be in the photos. “We’re going to be tiny in this one!” I was impressed!!17_07_klemsz_12 17_07_klemsz_13 It was an honor and a treat to spend some photo time with you four, and I left with a serious soft spot for your family. :) I hope you enjoy these every bit as much as I do!17_07_klemsz_14

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