the memming family

It’s SYLVIE! And of course, her lovely parents Brandon & Meghan. I made a quick friend with this little one. Her mama told me she can be a little choosey about who she opens up to, which of course made me feel like a million bucks! 😀 I was honored she decided I was ok to have on her team, and we did have a lot of fun.
17_07_memming_02 As you’ll see, Sylvie is the queen of alllllll the faces. Don’t you just love her?! I love how she mirrors her beautiful mama, especially with those curls.17_07_memming_03 17_07_memming_04 Hi there, beauty.17_07_memming_05 My very fave!! Encircled by mom and dad = a favorite place for any kid.17_07_memming_06 17_07_memming_07 Showing me she’s proud to be TWO! 17_07_memming_08 My heart couldn’t even handle this quilt. Cotton + Steel (and Sylvie’s nana, obviously) for the win!17_07_memming_09 17_07_memming_10 17_07_memming_11
I miss you already, Sylvie, and hope you enjoy these photos as you grow and that you can always see how much you’re loved in them. 🙂 Thanks, Meghan and Brandon for a fantastic session, and for sharing your girl with me! XOXO!