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I’ve had some amazingly fun opportunities this year to photograph extended families. This one ranks pretty high up there since this particular family is so special to me. Three of them are dear college friends of mine, and I loved all the memories that were called to mind as I edited these. :) Road trips, hiking mountains, dance parties, late night/early morning breakfast at IHOP, and a trip to the Moore farm in Stromsburg for New Year’s Eve one year, just to name a few.

16_01_moore_01 Meet Kurt & Diane. They have raised four exceptional men, and turned out a family that is one-of-a-kind and so tremendously special.16_01_moore_02 The kiwis! I met Brad when I was a freshman at UNL. We became friends on a school bus in the middle of nowhere while he was dressed as Fidel Castro. He’s by far my most interesting college friend, and now lives in New Zealand and is married to the lovely Shalita. Gosh, it was fun photographing these two!16_01_moore_03 I don’t have any crazy stories about Isaac, but I know that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. :)16_01_moore_04 You probably recognize Tyler, Joy & Quincy – they’ve been on the blog before! My dear friends, I was so spoiled seeing you around town over the holidays and loved punctuating it with this session. Quincy, even under-the-weather you are a photo champ!16_01_moore_05 And here’s Caleb & Emily. My favorite thing about them is how Emily looks at him. They clearly make each other so comfortable and happy.16_01_moore_06 My favorite. :)16_01_moore_07 16_01_moore_08 16_01_moore_09 16_01_moore_10 16_01_moore_11 I want there to be an old picture hidden in a family album somewhere with these brothers standing in this same order and Isaac throwing down a crazy laugh. I love siblings. :)16_01_moore_12 16_01_moore_13

Thank you, Moore family, not just for the whirlwind of photo-taking, but for being such stellar individuals. So grateful to know you!

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