class of 2016: zach

I’d just like to announce that Zach KILLED IT with his senior session. Having individual portraits taken of you is nerve-wracking for most, and he was totally relaxed through the whole thing. I mean, I could not have asked him to be more himself, and I love the shots we got. Congratulations on your senior year, Zach. I’m sure you’re going to conquer that in just the same way. Thanks for such a great session and being up for some of my crazy ideas. 🙂
15_08_walz_01 15_08_walz_02 15_08_walz_03 15_08_walz_04 15_08_walz_05 15_08_walz_06 15_08_walz_07 15_08_walz_08 15_08_walz_09 15_08_walz_10 15_08_walz_11 15_08_walz_12 15_08_walz_13 15_08_walz_14 15_08_walz_15 15_08_walz_16