the eden family

welcome andrew!

Say hello to one of the world’s newest residents. Little boys like Andrew are just….*sigh* perfect. He turned me into a melty puddle as soon as I met him. I know his GORGEOUS mom from college days, and she is an incredible gem of a friend – the kind you rejoice over when she tells you they are moving back to your town. 🙂 Yay! Andrew’s excited, too…
15_07_eden_01 That’s one good-looking family!!!15_07_eden_03 Oh, hi, Andrew!15_07_eden_04 15_07_eden_05 15_07_eden_06 15_07_eden_07 15_07_eden_09It’s amazing seeing your friends become moms. There’s so much you know about them, but then this change happens and there’s a new, even stronger side that emerges and is so unmistakeable and beautiful and striking. You’ve got that going on, Jess.15_07_eden_1215_07_eden_11 Andrew set the bar high for all you other babies out there, wanting to be photographed. He just chilled and did what we asked and looked cute. 🙂 Thanks, bud.15_07_eden_08 15_07_eden_10 Jason is also rocking the new parenthood thing. They were both the picture of relaxation, just enjoying their son and taking it all in. Andrew is in good hands, for sure.15_07_eden_13 15_07_eden_14 15_07_eden_15 15_07_eden_16 15_07_eden_17 15_07_eden_18 15_07_eden_19
Jason & Jess, you’re amazing, and your son is, too. Thanks for introducing me and letting me get a peek into such a sweet time of your lives. Enjoy him, enjoy him, enjoy him!!!