the wirtz family

Two incredible people have become three! That will never cease to be an awe-inspiring, crazy, wonderful, party-worthy statement. Let me introduce my friends John & Ella (new titles Mom and Dad) and their tiny & perfect sweetheart Henrietta.

Ok, so they may have gone by ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ before with their pups Sasha and Indy, who are very proud of their new addition as well. 🙂

This girl’s furrowed brow game is strong – so much curiosity and questioning to come!

They are both so deeply in love with Henri already. That transforming process of growing undeniably attached, committed, protective, and enamored with your baby within just a few hours or days is beyond beautiful.

Proud husband. Enough said.

This is how it feels when you’re content to stare at someone for hours – literally hours – on end. The newborn stage is a ride like no other, and yes, it’s exhausting, but this is 100% the best part.

Hey there, gorgeous mama. Motherhood looks fantastic on you, my friend.

Another sign John & Ella are on the right track with this whole parenting thing is that they’re still laughing. You HAVE to laugh to survive and they’re all over it.

Wishing you all three peace, rest, and the ability to savor every second of this insane and magical season with beautiful Henri.