shawn + amy + jaden + stella + owen | lincoln ne family photographer

When Amy first described her kids to me, she used the word “cheerful”, and she is spot on. These kids are so sweet! And mama picked out amazing outfit colors for a spring shoot, don’t you think?

17_05_mcauliff_01 This is big brother Jaden on the left. I love this image of him – I think we caught a rare, quieter side of him for a moment. :) And the sweet firecracker on the right is Miss Stella. She is ALL TWO. So independent and playful!
17_05_mcauliff_02 And hey there, Owen! Baby brother is the most chill babe on the planet. 17_05_mcauliff_03 I loooooove how Jaden plays with his sister. You can see she is his joy, and I can only imagine how awesome their relationship will be as they grow older. She’s lucky to have you, Jaden.17_05_mcauliff_04 17_05_mcauliff_05 9 is such a cool age. You can see what an awesome person a kid is becoming, and it gets tougher and tougher to tell where “little” stops and “grown-up” begins.17_05_mcauliff_06 17_05_mcauliff_07 17_05_mcauliff_08 This look! She’s totally telling me she’s the boss with her eyes alone. Love it!17_05_mcauliff_09 A little sibling smoosh!17_05_mcauliff_10 17_05_mcauliff_11

Thank you so much, Shawn and Amy! I had a blast with your sweet party of five!

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