the loya family

Ohhhhh you guys. You’d better get comfy, because this session is a definite favorite. I had the hardest time narrowing down images to share! Meet Craig & Melissa’s beloved crew!
16_06_loya01 First up: mama with baby Asa. This smiley boy is so sweet and funny. He’s got a smile the size of his whole face (maybe bigger?), his fingers are constantly in his mouth, and his three family members are obsessed with him – as they should be. I loved hearing their giddy excitement over every little thing he did throughout our session. He is absolutely treasured. 🙂16_06_loya02 16_06_loya03 And then there’s the Amazing Miss Mari. I’m her new biggest fan. This image shows her sweet side, but we had FUNNN taking these photos. She apparently told her mom later it was the best night of her life. 😉 Her personality is huge and wild and full of beauty.16_06_loya04 16_06_loya05 Their silliness is 100% genuine. I just love families that love fun!16_06_loya06 If I’m considering a favorite, this one is a contender. 16_06_loya07 16_06_loya08 There’s not a doubt in my mind that these two will grow up close and Mari will always be loving on him.
16_06_loya09 16_06_loya10Mari, quit having so much fun! 😀
16_06_loya11 Another contender…
16_06_loya12 16_06_loya13 😛16_06_loya14 Before we were through with our session, it started to rain, despite my weather app’s assurances that it would NOT. But these guys handled it in the most chill way, and it actually turned out to be pretty magical and happy. Not having snapped any father-daughter photos yet, we decided to embrace the weather, and this was the result: spinning with daddy in the pouring rain! 16_06_loya15 I’m not at all sorry it ended this way. In fact, I’m considering trying to schedule more families on evenings with stormy forecasts. 🙂 Not really, but this goes down as a super memorable and special way to wrap up! 16_06_loya16
Thank you SO much, Craig, Melissa, Mari and Asa – high fives to you for one of the best sessions ever!!