the morales family

I totally fell in love with this family. I mean it, I had to hug it out with Ben after we were through. 😉 Besides being one good-lookin’ group, their fun level was a total ten! They were just nothing short of fabulous, and I LOVE the photographs we got. They are exactly the kind of images I want of my family when I have kids this age.
15_06_morales_01 15_06_morales_16Meet Sam. The oldest, and definitely the fearless leader of his younger brothers.15_06_morales_10 15_06_morales_07One of my favorites. Viviana, you are gorgeous!15_06_morales_05 15_06_morales_08This is what I call a personality portrait! I asked Eli what he likes to do. He asked, “For a living?” “Sure,” I said. “Ummm…be lazy.” Ha!15_06_morales_06And then there’s Bob…er…Ben. The funny guy. Let’s just say, this is easily the most serious image of him from the entire session.15_06_morales_12 15_06_morales_04 15_06_morales_03Oh, these boys. Ben kept covering his face when he would laugh super hard, and I love this shot of him doubled over, laughing at his dad behind me.15_06_morales_02 15_06_morales_18 15_06_morales_17 15_06_morales_09And then there’s Gus. Such a funny little guy, and he keeps up with his older bros like a boss.15_06_morales_19 15_06_morales_11Oh, Ben….15_06_morales_13Dance party on top of the world. These guys are awesome!15_06_morales_15So much family love. You guys were the best, and made me so glad for what I do. Hugs!!15_06_morales_14