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nate + lacey

17_10_west_01Welcome to the photo abbreviation of one of my most FUN weddings to date. How could it not be? The people involved in this day were enjoying the heck out of it, which made it impossible not to have a blast right along with them. The bride was at the heart of all that joie de vivre, which is no surprise if you know her. Lacey is the kind of girl everyone wants as a best friend. She looked so stunning, Nate was the sweetest groom, and their wedding was worthy of “Best Day Ever” status.17_10_west_02 17_10_west_03 17_10_west_04 17_10_west_05 I can’t tell you how much I love to photograph mothers helping their daughters get ready for the day. As a mom of two girls, it’s just such a beautiful, intimate scene and incredibly special to me. These are the types of wedding day photos that matter for life. 17_10_west_06Also, these, of course. First look love, happiness and elation!17_10_west_07 17_10_west_08 Dang, you two.17_10_west_09 17_10_west_10 Probably my favorite. They are so natural together, so in love, so classic, I can hardly stand it.17_10_west_11 17_10_west_12 17_10_west_13 17_10_west_14 17_10_west_15 They lucked out with a gorgeous Nebraska fall day, in a streak of cold, rainy ones. Pure sunshine. :)17_10_west_16 I looooooved their ring bearer and flower girl!!!17_10_west_17 17_10_west_18 And then it was time. In the next two photos, you can see how adoringly Lacey looks at Nate. It’s the cutest. 17_10_west_19 17_10_west_20 17_10_west_21 The ceremony and reception, held in the Jasmine Room at the Grand Manse were both jaw-dropping. Glittery, dramatic and glamorous.17_10_west_22 The brand new Mr. & Mrs.! 17_10_west_23 17_10_west_24 We slipped away for photos with their hilarious and laid-back wedding party during the cocktail hour. Seriously, such a fun group to photograph. 17_10_west_25 Note to photographers: don’t ask the boys to hold the bouquets unless you expect to take this photo. ;) I always do, and it’s usually their favorite. :D :D17_10_west_26 17_10_west_27 17_10_west_28 Time to party! (And eat bacon, duh). Can it be a new rule that wedding receptions serve breakfast food? So, so good. 17_10_west_29 17_10_west_30 17_10_west_31 One of my favorite moments of the day was the choreographed dance Nate & Lacey learned. It was so much fun, and they nailed it. 17_10_west_32 17_10_west_33 17_10_west_34 17_10_west_35 17_10_west_36 17_10_west_37 17_10_west_38 Lacey’s dad was kind of the star of the dance. :)17_10_west_39 We snuck outside for a few photos at sunset. Lacey, seeing said sunset, immediately broke into the Circle of Life intro. Like I have said, she’s THE BEST.17_10_west_40 17_10_west_41 17_10_west_42 Congratulations, Nate & Lacey. You guys are gold, and I am so honored to have been a part of your wedding day. I’m even more excited for your future as husband and wife. Blessings and cheers to you!17_10_west_43

andy + alison | lincoln ne wedding photographer

These photos represent a day of extraordinary love, deep commitment and a big ol’ party to celebrate it all. You know when the bride says the thing she’s most looking forward to is cutting loose on the dance floor, you’re in for a goooooood good day. Alison and Andy, what a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day.

17_08_nickel_01 17_08_nickel_02 17_08_nickel_03 17_08_nickel_04 You’ll notice it, so there’s really no need to point it out, but Alison’s smile is the best one in the entire world. The very prettiest. It shows all her joy, all the time. She’s gorgeous!17_08_nickel_05 17_08_nickel_06 17_08_nickel_0717_08_nickel_08 Daaang! You two and your good looks.17_08_nickel_09 These next two are undeniably my favorites. (This first one reminds me a bit of this one from their engagement session… )
17_08_nickel_10 17_08_nickel_11 17_08_nickel_12 This wedding party. Ohhh, how I loved them! Keep scrolling and you’ll see they’re all basically models. ;) Models with a lot of spunk. 17_08_nickel_1317_08_nickel_14 17_08_nickel_15 17_08_nickel_16Our fearless ring bearer, getting a little coaching from dad before the ceremony.17_08_nickel_17 17_08_nickel_18 17_08_nickel_19 17_08_nickel_20 Married! I love their nephew’s face watching them kiss. :D :D17_08_nickel_21 Did I mention there was a party?17_08_nickel_22 17_08_nickel_23 17_08_nickel_24 17_08_nickel_25 I honestly can’t get over how Andy looks at his bride. Alison, you’ve got such a winner. He absolutely treasures you.17_08_nickel_26 17_08_nickel_2717_08_nickel_28 17_08_nickel_29 17_08_nickel_30 17_08_nickel_31 My favorite moment of the dance was when Alison’s dad hit the dance floor and JAMMED to Old Time Rock and Roll. (At least I’m 99.9% sure that was the song. I can almost hear it!)17_08_nickel_32 17_08_nickel_33 17_08_nickel_34 17_08_nickel_35

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.! Your day was a dream, and your love well worth celebrating. Cheers to you and all your adventures together!

cord + jenna | lincoln ne wedding photographer

You would never know it, but this beautiful wedding day began with rainclouds covering the sky. They gave way and surely brought good luck – this was one perfect July wedding! 17_07_williamson_01 17_07_williamson_02 Jenna took my breath away. She had the most wonderful, Hollywood glam vibe going on. 17_07_williamson_03 17_07_williamson_04 17_07_williamson_05 17_07_williamson_06 So much pretty drama going on on the left, and the man of the hour on the right, ready to see his almost-wife.
17_07_williamson_07 17_07_williamson_08 Finally. :) Their faces speak volumes. I love this moment!
17_07_williamson_09 Probably the prettiest tea-length dress I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was so right for her.17_07_williamson_10 17_07_williamson_11 17_07_williamson_12 17_07_williamson_13 17_07_williamson_14Oh hey, models. These ladies were amazing! Such a sweet group of friends.17_07_williamson_15 17_07_williamson_16 17_07_williamson_17 And of course, the dudes were fun, too.17_07_williamson_18 17_07_williamson_19 Time to get married!17_07_williamson_20 Props to my husband David who assisted and second-shot this wedding with me. This image is all him, and is one of my favorites of the day. :)
17_07_williamson_21 17_07_williamson_22 17_07_williamson_23 17_07_williamson_24 17_07_williamson_25 Love. They’re married!!!17_07_williamson_26 17_07_williamson_27 Jenna and her mom are opening a wedding consignment shop next month, and I love their eye for details. The entire, beautiful Country Pines venue was sprinkled with antique arrangements and sweet vintage touches. They will have some items for rent in their shop, and I can’t wait to see what they have to offer. I have no doubt it will be a fantastic collection! Info for their shop can be found at the bottom of this post. 17_07_williamson_2917_07_williamson_28 17_07_williamson_30 The toasts at their reception got me so teared up this time. Jenna’s dad especially had wonderful things to say about his baby girl, and it was so sweet to watch. 17_07_williamson_31 17_07_williamson_32 This is Jenna’s mom, capturing one daughter toasting another…
17_07_williamson_33-2 …and Cord’s mom listening to his dad’s toast.
17_07_williamson_34 17_07_williamson_35 And then, we partied! 17_07_williamson_36 17_07_williamson_37 17_07_williamson_38 17_07_williamson_39 17_07_williamson_40I was so honored to be a part of this day, and witness so much love, so much joy, and so much fun. :) Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Williamson! Here’s to a fantastic first year of marriage and beyond! 17_07_williamson_41

Hair: Joanna Lane, JC Penney Salon
Makeup: Lyndsay, Elle Esthetics
Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo
Bridesmaids’ dresses: RenzRags
Suits: Tip Top Tux
Musicians: Mahr Quartet
DJ: Jared Tupper, Complete Weddings & Events
Wedding Consign & Design
5601 S. 56th St., Ste 5, Lincoln, NE

brad + elise | norfolk ne wedding photographer

My heart is filled with so much joy when I think about how Brad and Elise were brought together, how wonderfully they complement one another, and how well they were celebrated at their wedding. If you want a primer of their beautiful relationship and natural ease together, go check out their engagement session first! ;) They were wed on the loveliest October day in Norfolk, Nebraska.

16_11_henke_01 16_11_henke_02 16_11_henke_03 Here’s our stunning bride with her gorgeous momma, and you can tell where she gets her amazingly warm smile. I feel like they both smile with their hearts.16_11_henke_04 16_11_henke_05 Bridesmaid squad. What a lovely crew!16_11_henke_06 I really appreciated Brad’s vibe the whole day. He’s patient, gracious and kind, and he was so obviously full of thankfulness to be marrying Elise. How could anyone not catch the contagious joy that day!?16_11_henke_07 16_11_henke_08 I’ve had the privilege of witnessing many grooms’ reactions to their brides on their wedding days, and none has compared to this. It was the most beautiful moment, so full of goodness.16_11_henke_0916_11_henke_1116_11_henke_10 16_11_henke_1216_11_henke_1416_11_henke_16We cruised through these photos in an effort to stay on schedule, and the entire wedding party was so fantastic! (And gorgeous!)16_11_henke_15Special groomsmen request! :D16_11_henke_17 16_11_henke_1316_11_henke_18 16_11_henke_19 And then it was time to get married! Elise was surrounded by so many incredible women who prayed for her and Brad and their marriage.16_11_henke_20 This is just one image in hundreds from the day, but the significance of this moment was great. Elise’s dad was able to walk her down the aisle against the odds after surviving a grim cancer battle years ago. Their relationship is beautiful, deeply rooted in faith, and I’m getting emotional just writing about it! Love this look between them.16_11_henke_21 16_11_henke_22 16_11_henke_23 16_11_henke_24 16_11_henke_25 16_11_henke_26 16_11_henke_27 Married!!! And leaves! 16_11_henke_28 16_11_henke_30This is one of my very favorites from the whole day. Everyone should be this happy on their wedding day.16_11_henke_3216_11_henke_29 16_11_henke_3116_11_henke_33 16_11_henke_34 16_11_henke_35 16_11_henke_36 16_11_henke_37 16_11_henke_38 16_11_henke_39 The reception had such an intimate feel, but the party got started with Brad’s dance with his mom. They pulled out the cowboy hats and whirled around the dance floor to Cotton-Eyed Joe, and invited everyone to join and kick off the dance party. They had such a blast!16_11_henke_40 16_11_henke_41 16_11_henke_42 16_11_henke_43 16_11_henke_44 16_11_henke_4616_11_henke_45

This was the most wonderful day – thank you SO SO VERY MUCH, Brad and Elise for inviting me to be a part of it. I love your relationship so much and was so happy to celebrate your marriage with you. Here’s to an incredible first year and beyond as Mr. & Mrs. Henke!

max + kelsey | lincoln ne wedding photographer

In order to have a beautiful wedding, you must start with beautiful people. Loved people. Kind-hearted, genuine, others-focused, “I-believe-in-love” people. Friends, this was a beautiful wedding. Max and Kelsey are solid gold. They are rich in friends and laughter, family and generations, and they complement one another as only they were designed to do. I still don’t have words for how deeply grateful I am to have been involved in the day they became Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler.

16_09_wheeler_01Here’s our gorgeous bride, with her mom and sister working on those buttons. Remember Mikaela? Of course you do. :) I photographed her wedding last year, and she got ready in this exact same room! 16_09_wheeler_02This dress! I cannot get over its details or the perfect flow of that tulle skirt. It’s straight out of a dream and 100% perfect on her.16_09_wheeler_03 16_09_wheeler_04 Isn’t she just stunning?!!! I could photograph this redheaded, freckled, dimpled beauty for days.
16_09_wheeler_05 16_09_wheeler_06 Hey, Max!!!! You’re about to see your almost-wife! In case you guys are wondering, he actually always looks this dapper. Proof: their engagement session.
16_09_wheeler_07 16_09_wheeler_08 16_09_wheeler_09 This moment was just so dang perfect.16_09_wheeler_10 16_09_wheeler_11 16_09_wheeler_12 These two have been together since high school, and they still look at each other like this. I mean, it’s like two walking heart-eye emojis. All the time! I think you guys made an amazing decision to get married. ;)16_09_wheeler_13 16_09_wheeler_1416_09_wheeler_15 16_09_wheeler_16 One of my favorites from the entire day.16_09_wheeler_17 Veil movement: A+!16_09_wheeler_18 16_09_wheeler_19 Meet the fabulous wedding party! This crew…16_09_wheeler_20They did not let up all day.
16_09_wheeler_21I mean, c’mon. They’re so dang fun! And the groomsman on the right? Spoiler: he doubled as the officiant. AWESOME.16_09_wheeler_22This is Max’s twin sister and their older brother. I don’t have to know them all that well to know that this photo says a lot about them.
16_09_wheeler_52Ladies!16_09_wheeler_2316_09_wheeler_2416_09_wheeler_53 Both of Kelsey’s parents walked her down the aisle, and I have never seen such sweet moments between a mother and daughter. Chris, you have raised such lovely ladies!
16_09_wheeler_25 16_09_wheeler_26 Their ceremony was filled with amazing personal touches. Max is a woodworker and built (yeah, BUILT) that arbor (!) and handmade this box. They dropped letters into it along with notes from their guests and sealed it as a time capsule to open on their tenth anniversary. 16_09_wheeler_27 16_09_wheeler_28 They are MARRIED!16_09_wheeler_29 And then it was party time!16_09_wheeler_30 16_09_wheeler_31 16_09_wheeler_32 16_09_wheeler_33 16_09_wheeler_34Max’s brother and Kelsey’s sister amped up the toasts with a video they made of tons of their loved ones describing them, their relationship, offering advice, sharing stories, and it was the highlight of the reception. Everyone was laughing so hard – it was incredible.16_09_wheeler_35 16_09_wheeler_36 16_09_wheeler_37 16_09_wheeler_38 We snuck outside before the dance got underway to grab a few last photos as the sun faded away.16_09_wheeler_4916_09_wheeler_5116_09_wheeler_5016_09_wheeler_39 16_09_wheeler_40 16_09_wheeler_4116_09_wheeler_4316_09_wheeler_4216_09_wheeler_44 16_09_wheeler_45 16_09_wheeler_46 16_09_wheeler_4716_09_wheeler_48

A thousand congratulations to you, Max and Kelsey! I’m so pumped to see what adventures married life takes you on. I know you will enjoy this brand new season to the fullest!

Brides Dress: Ellynne Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses: After Six

best of 2015 | lincoln ne photographer

Reflecting on the last year is always mind-blowing (even when it’s done in February – whoops!). Did all this really happen in the same year?! As I looked through nearly every photo I took in 2015, I found myself smiling – a lot – and even laughing out loud at my desk, remembering the amazing moments these wonderful people shared with me. There’s just nothing more humbling than being let into your closest relationships, your intimate moments, your happiness. So, to my clients in 2015, THANK YOU a million times over. I adore you and am so honored to have made these images with and for you.

Choosing was hard, obviously. These are just a handful of my favorites from 2015, and they make me so eager for the next year!!! Cheers to all you beautiful souls.

15_01_borst_01 15_03_orton_0615_07_buettner_13 15_07_thomas_1215_06_sattler_1415_08_hassler_0115_07_eden_02 15_06_morales_1515_08_memming_1715_11_mueller_0515_06_moore_1315_04_orton_05 15_11_cordell_0715_11_hall_0215_08_walz_13 15_03_orton_0515_08_rudd_09 15_04_borst_0415_06_schulz_1315_12_wheeler_0715_10_lundy_0715_07_buettner_0815_10_fulwider_03 15_04_borst_0815_10_dexter_1215_07_thomas_0615_08_hassler_17 15_06_morales_0215_08_memming_09 15_08_moffatt_1615_10_callen_1515_08_rudd_23 15_01_borst_0615_07_eden_0515_11_barr07 15_11_hall_0911_15_orton_0115_09_hunke_0315_09_thomas_0315_08_moffatt_1815_08_obrian_1015_09_marcus_15 16_01_moore_1215_10_callen_05 15_10_dexter_0615_07_marcus_12 15_10_kinsley_0115_09_marcus_2215_09_thomas_22 15_12_rock_07fulwider_201515_06_schulz_1615_04_orton_0815_10_emmettgatlin_06le_201515_10_lundy_0815_11_wedding_0711_15_hundt_07 16_01_moore_1115_11_cordell_11 15_09_thomas_1315_11_mueller_01 11_15_orton_06hundt_201515_07_marcus_0515_11_barr1215_12_wheeler_1515_06_moore_14