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tyler + mandy + coralee | lincoln ne family photographer

These are some of the best people in the world, and naturally, they’re some of my faves to photograph. They. Are. Amazing. (See what I did there? But really, click on that last one. Coralee’s newborn sessions is one of my favorites of all time.) To prove how awesome they are, they decided to make a go of our session in some kind of awful weather, and still managed to come out looking like this. We do NOT let rain spoil our fun. :D

16_09_thomas_01 In fact, if you’re lucky like these guys, and it rains during your session, we might just have to go to Lincoln’s famous Goldenrod Pastries and enjoy a macaroon or five.16_09_thomas_02 16_09_thomas_03 16_09_thomas_04 16_09_thomas_05 16_09_thomas_06 16_09_thomas_07 Such a big girl! Coralee just turned one, and possesses all the swagger and cuteness a birthday girl should. I love her style!16_09_thomas_08 Coralee cracking me up on the right – looking good takes it out of you!16_09_thomas_09 16_09_thomas_10 This is a little girl who knows she’s loved. Look at that face!16_09_thomas_11 16_09_thomas_12

Thank you so much, Mandy & Tyler, for hanging with me, trusting me through the inclement weather, and being so golden. ‘Til next time, friends!

Special thanks to Goldenrod Pastries for having us!

jane madeline rawson

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce my new babe here on the blog! Jane Madeline Rawson was born February 22, and we are so very in love with her. She’s as sweet as they come, and our family seems to have been missing her before now – she is such an integral part of us already. Anyway, she just wanted to interrupt your regularly scheduled blog programming and say hello. :) Happy Wednesday, and get excited for some super fun photos coming your way as I step back into shooting!


johnny + amy + john jr. + isabella + hudson | lincoln ne family photographer

Recognize these lovelies? This is their FOURTH appearance on the blog (2012, 2013 and 2014!), and of course, I look forward to our session every year, because there’s absolutely never a dull moment. :)

15_11_le_01 15_11_le_02 When the kids pick the poses and it turns out perfectly. Well done, Izzy!15_11_le_03 John, here’s a preview of your senior photos, ok? But seriously, you’re so grown up now!
15_11_le_04 Isabella. Spunky, silly and stylish. My camera cannot resist her. 15_11_le_05 And Hudson. Life of the Le party – this guy’s smile is the best. :)15_11_le_06 Wonder where he gets that gorgeous grin? Johnny was cracking Amy up. Love their genuine laughter and how they both smile with their eyes. 15_11_le_07 15_11_le_08 15_11_le_09 15_11_le_10 15_11_le_11 15_11_le_12 15_11_le_13 We ended with throwing leaves because it’s actually super fun to act like a total kid for a few minutes (even for the parents), and because we did it last year. :) Next year, I’m hoping we incorporate bowling and karaoke into the session. Sound good, Johnny? Cheers, y’all!15_11_le_14

mr. & mrs. reynolds get hitched

I’m so excited to finally share this post today. I recently went to Kansas City and photographed the wedding of my dear friend Mackenzie and her (now) husband Bud. This couple, as well as their families and friends, are such amazing, special, incredible people. It is a good, good thing to see God’s clear, abundant, joyful leading together of two that he wants to be one, and I got to be there with a front row seat. So on a beautiful, albeit windy November day, all the following loveliness and joy took place.

Before the ceremony, all the women associated with the bridal party read scripture and prayed for Mackenzie and Bud’s marriage. It was rich and full of emotion.

This is one of my favorite images from the entire day.

These two went all-out old-school, and didn’t see one another before this moment…

Your wedding was beautiful, Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds! I am eager to watch your marriage unfold in ways that lift up the Lord. Congratulations!