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best of 2015 | lincoln ne photographer

Reflecting on the last year is always mind-blowing (even when it’s done in February – whoops!). Did all this really happen in the same year?! As I looked through nearly every photo I took in 2015, I found myself smiling – a lot – and even laughing out loud at my desk, remembering the amazing moments these wonderful people shared with me. There’s just nothing more humbling than being let into your closest relationships, your intimate moments, your happiness. So, to my clients in 2015, THANK YOU a million times over. I adore you and am so honored to have made these images with and for you.

Choosing was hard, obviously. These are just a handful of my favorites from 2015, and they make me so eager for the next year!!! Cheers to all you beautiful souls.

15_01_borst_01 15_03_orton_0615_07_buettner_13 15_07_thomas_1215_06_sattler_1415_08_hassler_0115_07_eden_02 15_06_morales_1515_08_memming_1715_11_mueller_0515_06_moore_1315_04_orton_05 15_11_cordell_0715_11_hall_0215_08_walz_13 15_03_orton_0515_08_rudd_09 15_04_borst_0415_06_schulz_1315_12_wheeler_0715_10_lundy_0715_07_buettner_0815_10_fulwider_03 15_04_borst_0815_10_dexter_1215_07_thomas_0615_08_hassler_17 15_06_morales_0215_08_memming_09 15_08_moffatt_1615_10_callen_1515_08_rudd_23 15_01_borst_0615_07_eden_0515_11_barr07 15_11_hall_0911_15_orton_0115_09_hunke_0315_09_thomas_0315_08_moffatt_1815_08_obrian_1015_09_marcus_15 16_01_moore_1215_10_callen_05 15_10_dexter_0615_07_marcus_12 15_10_kinsley_0115_09_marcus_2215_09_thomas_22 15_12_rock_07fulwider_201515_06_schulz_1615_04_orton_0815_10_emmettgatlin_06le_201515_10_lundy_0815_11_wedding_0711_15_hundt_07 16_01_moore_1115_11_cordell_11 15_09_thomas_1315_11_mueller_01 11_15_orton_06hundt_201515_07_marcus_0515_11_barr1215_12_wheeler_1515_06_moore_14

here’s to the moms | lincoln ne family photographer

One of my special privileges as a photographer is spending lots of time with moms. I take their photos with the people they treasure most. They are intimate. Often full of joy, comfort, support, laughter and touch. These women vulnerably share their families with me and put their deepest affections on display so I can witness and transform their deep love for their kids into a lasting, artful reminder of what it all feels like. Every time I consider this, I feel SO strongly the importance of this job. I am in awe of the women I’ve gotten to call clients and friends. They are beautiful beyond words and I wanted to say “thank you” to them with a little collection of some of my favorite mom moments from my portrait sessions over the years. You’re all my heroes and I love how you champion the effort for preserving your family’s memories through photography. Happy Mothers Day this weekend!
MoffattFamily2014_064 IMG_5830_bw Henderson2014_112 IMG_6450 IMG_7648 Hasslers2014_117 IMG_6939 Sattler2014_029 IMG_2435 IMG_1841 IMG_4621 IMG_9085 Nykodym2014_083 IMG_4398 IMG_1413 IMG_4920 IMG_7264 IMG_3455 Le2014_117 CoraCallen073

announcing: the love story sale

I’m having a SALE, and I’m really excited about it! I’ve been thinking so much lately about why I do what I do. Why do I take people someplace pretty and click away on my camera and send them the results? It’s not really because people like .jpgs. Or really, that they like standing in front of a camera at all. I do it, because I think I can remove the awkwardness involved in doing something vulnerable like that, and actually tell a story. I get to tell people they are beautiful, that their husband loves them, that their kids treasure them. I get to tell kids that their parents’ whole world revolves around them, and I even get to tell their grown-up-selves, years from now, what their childhoods were like. That’s AWESOME.

So I’ve been excited about the storytelling aspect of portraits, and it just got me all excited to do something, and BOOM…SALE. :) Sometimes we need a little extra reason to go for it, and make sure our stories get told.


Details are as follows:

Book a portrait session (engagement, maternity, newborn, family, or children) before February 14, 2015 by emailing me ( or through my Contact Form. We’ll schedule the session for any time between now and the end of May, and your session will be 15% Off.


2014 | lincoln ne photographer

I find a lot of personal significance, when I look back at the year 2014. There are the obvious things that were happening, like most of my daughter’s first year of life, big decisions like leaving my day job to pursue photography full time, etc. But amidst those things, I think I just grew a lot, and I don’t know how exactly to define that growth, but I know it was good. I also know it had to do with photographing amazing people, and WOW, did I have the opportunity to do that. Time, and time again, I just got to interact with wonderful human beings, and witness their enjoyment of life and one another. To me, it doesn’t get a lot better than that, so 2015, you have much to live up to. To all those who’ve trusted me as their photographer this past year, I just want to humbly say thank you for being yourself with me. Every one of you has changed me, and I am grateful.

Some of my absolute favorite images of the year. Enjoy.

post_012215_10 post_012215_16 post_012215_14 post_012215_15 post_012215_17 post_012215_11 post_012215_08 post_012215_01 14_10_dexter_06 14_08_sutterfield_07 post_012215_06 post_012215_12 post_012215_07 14_12_thompson_01 post_012215_09 post_012215_13 post_012215_03 post_012215_05post_012215_0414_10_proctor_1114_10_dexter_0414_12_jackson_07post_012215_0214_12_le_0314_11_halverson_0614_10_smiths_0114_06_emma_1414_08_sutterfield_1414_06_emma_01 14_08_callenmaternity_0914_10_proctor_0114_08_beistline_1114_06_lulu_0814_10_callen_01 14_11_thomas_0814_11_nykodym_0814_06_smiths_0114_11_thomas_0314_12_le_1314_08_sutterfield_19 14_10_smiths_04

second blogiversary

I feel old – like I’ve been around the block a few times. My blog turned 2 on Sunday! I’ll admit I feel a little proud of the fact that I’m still blogging. I didn’t know how long I’d stick with it when I started two years ago. It was really awkward at first, sharing my thoughts and experiences with the vast, unknown & largely anonymous internet. But now it’s really natural to sit down and rattle off personal things to a bunch of strangers. Funny how that happened. :) You can see last year’s blogiversary here.

I feel overwhelmingly thankful for the things I’ve gotten to experience in this last year. It has been full and rich and I’m grateful for how this blog has kept those memories in tact. I’m particularly humbled by the families who’ve let me into their lives with my camera. My love for photography has quadrupled in size (at least!) this year because of the little half hour stints I’ve had with amazing people who want to capture the essence of their relationships and the things in their life that make them happy. It has gotten me excited about humanity and has softened me in so many surprising ways. To those people, thank you so very much.

Below are some of my favorite posts (non-photo-shoots) and a collection of some images from the last year that each make me happy for so many reasons. Enjoy!

My 5 Favorite Posts from Year 2: