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best of 2016

All week I’ve been thinking about words. What words might describe what the new year will bring? What words will characterize my circumstances or my thoughts? And then I sat down to create this post – my absolute favorite of the year, because who doesn’t like to gather and dwell on their favorites? – and one word sticks out to me about the last year. “Humbled.” In 2016, I was humbled, and completely privileged to connect with so many different families and peek into their worlds. These people are like bonus family members to me, and I am humbled to have been able to draw near to the incredible relationships they have with one another, and turn their sweet connections into beautiful images. I hope they see what I see in these – beauty, trust, joy, and love. All these gorgeous faces are inspiring me BIG TIME for whatever’s coming down the road. :) Enjoy a few of my favorites from 2016.

16_02_wyatt_1916_04_smith_0616_05_muller1216_11_henke_11 16_11_orton_0616_05_kastoori_01 16_05_cox_0516_06_powell_11 16_06_rashmi_0716_05_muller1016_10_williamson_1216_09_wheeler_03 16_06_loya1416_06_sloup1016_10_memming_0916_09_cederdahl_0516_02_wyatt_0516_06_hall_1416_11_henke_3316_12_horner_09 16_06_deans0816_06_davis_06 16_06_loya0716_09_morales_0216_06_rashmi_06-116_09_wheeler_1116_12_moffatt_1116_07_boylan_0116_06_powell_0216_11_moffatt_01 16_09_thomas_08 16_09_cederdahl_0416_09_wheeler_42 16_10_henke_0416_07_sloup_13 16_10_hassler_1216_10_deriese_05 16_10_memming_0116_10_wortman_0516_11_henke_15 16_12_schnick_0616_07_spare_07 16_11_paxton_0916_06_sloup0316_10_williamson_03 16_11_orton_1416_09_wheeler_17 16_04_alan_0216_12_horner_01 16_11_morris_0616_11_fitzgerald_0416_04_smith_1216_09_wheeler_21 16_10_henke_1316_11_bronson_14 16_11_paxton_02 16_11_fulwider_1216_07_boylan_09 16_06_hall_0816_11_cox_05 16_12_debuse_13 16_09_morales_12 16_12_moffatt_09 16_12_schnick_08 16_06_davis_0216_11_henke_28

dave + dori | lincoln ne family photographer

These are my parents!!!! Something in me feels so deeply humbled and happy when my family asks me to photograph them. I think it’s because they really don’t have to. I feel an immense responsibility in photographing these two, in particular. Exactly as they are. In their 60s. As my kids’ grandparents. How they laugh. How they hug. I just want to preserve it with the same desperation I want to preserve all the adorable and silly things my babies do. I enjoy these people to the max and owe SOOOOOO much to them. They have all my love.

16_11_moffatt_01 Because he’s funny, and he’s always made her laugh like this. 16_11_moffatt_0516_11_moffatt_02 :) :) :) This is my dad’s look. I can see in his eyes how much he loves my mom, and I know that same look anytime he’s really thankful for his loved ones – especially his girls. So glad I was raised by a man who shows how he feels. 16_11_moffatt_03 And I know I’m biased, but isn’t my mom so gorgeous?! I’ll be awfully lucky if I age like her. ;) And even more lucky if I can be as kind, gracious, optimistic and thoughtful as she is throughout my life. Mom and Dad, you guys frame whichever ones you want, but I’m putting this one up in my house. Love you both so very much. Thanks for spending a little time with me and my camera!16_11_moffatt_04

steve + molly + will + maryn | lincoln ne family photographer

These are my people. My sister’s family. It’s quite a different experience photographing kids you know and spend a lot of time with, as opposed to the ones you meet the night of the session. There has to be a shift from “Hey, it’s your Aunt Jenny and usually we just hang out and goof around” to “we’re still goofing around and being crazy, but I’m also trying to get a job done”. HA! But ok, in all seriousness, the evening of this shoot was nothing short of magical. It was pouring rain as we both drove to the park, and it stopped almost immediately as we parked and got out of our cars. That doesn’t always happen, (I wish!) but when it does, the air and light are especially glowing, and it makes for some gorgeous photographs. It sure doesn’t hurt to have these cuties in ’em, either.

16_11_orton_01 16_11_orton_02 The image on the left is one of my favorites, and the one on the right – it makes me so stinkin’ proud of this kid! This was our best session yet together, and the whole time I was crying inside thinking of how grown up he is now. Big ol’ three-year-old.16_11_orton_03 And then there’s this sweetheart. She’s at that tender age where she’s this angelic thing with a crazy-can’t-keep-up-with-her side. But ohhhh, look at those eyes. I love this squirt.16_11_orton_04 16_11_orton_05 Speaking of multi-faceted personalities…16_11_orton_06 Another fave. I always try to get a good “everybody looking at the camera” shot, but I’d rather have 1,000 of these.16_11_orton_07 16_11_orton_08 16_11_orton_09 Steve, you’re such a great dad and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Glad my kids get to call you Uncle!16_11_orton_10 I’m going to insist on this one being framed in your house, guys. 16_11_orton_11 I didn’t even ask him to do it. ;)16_11_orton_12 16_11_orton_13 I know I’ve had a few favorites from this session already, but this…THIS…people, if you’re not laughing like this 9 years into your marriage, you’re taking yourselves too seriously. Love your family to the moon, sis. Thanks again, a hundred times over, for letting me photograph all your love. XOXO.16_11_orton_14

You can see lots their past sessions here: Maternity (Will), Newborn (Will), Family 2014, Maryn (Newborn), Family 2015.

best of 2015 | lincoln ne photographer

Reflecting on the last year is always mind-blowing (even when it’s done in February – whoops!). Did all this really happen in the same year?! As I looked through nearly every photo I took in 2015, I found myself smiling – a lot – and even laughing out loud at my desk, remembering the amazing moments these wonderful people shared with me. There’s just nothing more humbling than being let into your closest relationships, your intimate moments, your happiness. So, to my clients in 2015, THANK YOU a million times over. I adore you and am so honored to have made these images with and for you.

Choosing was hard, obviously. These are just a handful of my favorites from 2015, and they make me so eager for the next year!!! Cheers to all you beautiful souls.

15_01_borst_01 15_03_orton_0615_07_buettner_13 15_07_thomas_1215_06_sattler_1415_08_hassler_0115_07_eden_02 15_06_morales_1515_08_memming_1715_11_mueller_0515_06_moore_1315_04_orton_05 15_11_cordell_0715_11_hall_0215_08_walz_13 15_03_orton_0515_08_rudd_09 15_04_borst_0415_06_schulz_1315_12_wheeler_0715_10_lundy_0715_07_buettner_0815_10_fulwider_03 15_04_borst_0815_10_dexter_1215_07_thomas_0615_08_hassler_17 15_06_morales_0215_08_memming_09 15_08_moffatt_1615_10_callen_1515_08_rudd_23 15_01_borst_0615_07_eden_0515_11_barr07 15_11_hall_0911_15_orton_0115_09_hunke_0315_09_thomas_0315_08_moffatt_1815_08_obrian_1015_09_marcus_15 16_01_moore_1215_10_callen_05 15_10_dexter_0615_07_marcus_12 15_10_kinsley_0115_09_marcus_2215_09_thomas_22 15_12_rock_07fulwider_201515_06_schulz_1615_04_orton_0815_10_emmettgatlin_06le_201515_10_lundy_0815_11_wedding_0711_15_hundt_07 16_01_moore_1115_11_cordell_11 15_09_thomas_1315_11_mueller_01 11_15_orton_06hundt_201515_07_marcus_0515_11_barr1215_12_wheeler_1515_06_moore_14

mark + jenna + harper + nora | lincoln ne family newborn photographer

Prepare your hearts for so much adorable love. I’m definitely partial. I had the humbling privilege of photographing my nieces, brother and sister-in-law as a new family of four, including some one-month-old photos of the newest little darling to our family, Nora. She has followed her big sister’s footsteps by being breathtakingly beautiful and my favorite thing – she has those same eyes!

15_08_moffatt_01 My favorite shot of Nora. :)15_08_moffatt_02 15_08_moffatt_03 15_08_moffatt_04 Full disclosure: this is what I call working with what I’ve got for light in my house. It’s not exactly a fancy studio, but I don’t mind getting creative to chase that pretty light. :) I had a little shadow during this part of our shoot, too. That’s a budding photographer right there. 15_08_moffatt_05 Oh, Nora. You’re pretty. 15_08_moffatt_06 And so are you, miss Harper Bean! She is turning into such a firecracker, and she definitely kept me running during this session (partly due to the fact that David and Claire were there, too…). But here’s what I think when kiddos push the limits during photo sessions. IT’S FINE! This is who they are and what they do, and I am so up for the challenge of capturing that and getting darn cute images out of those playful, mischievous moments. So if that’s ever you and your kids, try to relax and let ’em do their thing.15_08_moffatt_07 15_08_moffatt_08 15_08_moffatt_09 15_08_moffatt_10 15_08_moffatt_11 15_08_moffatt_12 15_08_moffatt_13 If Harper’s in front of my camera, my mission is to highlight those sparkly baby blues. Check and check. :)
15_08_moffatt_14 15_08_moffatt_15 15_08_moffatt_16 15_08_moffatt_17 Heart melting!!! Mark, you are suuuuuch a good daddy, and doesn’t she know it! 15_08_moffatt_18 This is my overall favorite. Ha!
15_08_moffatt_19 15_08_moffatt_20 15_08_moffatt_21 15_08_moffatt_22

Thanks to my brother and his girls for being 100% wonderful and flexible. It was so worth it, and you guys rocked this. Love you so much and miss you already!

hello maryn june | lincoln ne newborn photographer

She’s here! My sweet niece is here. Ohhhh, how my siblings’ babies hold a deep, sweet place in my heart. If I’m allowed to have favorites, they are my first choice of subjects to photograph, and this one is a natural. She bears a striking resemblance to one outstanding big brother, and she’s just dainty and perfect. Maryn June, welcome to this wonderful world!15_04_orton_01 15_04_orton_0415_04_orton_0315_04_orton_08 15_04_orton_06
I love this one. Molly is just so proud and smitten with her. Being a mama is what she was made for, but mama to a little girl – it just fits her perfectly. Not to mention, the nursery she decorated is ADORABLE. You should find an excuse to go to her house and see it. ;)
Pinks, peaches & ginger baby hair. Love!
15_04_orton_02 15_04_orton_05 15_04_orton_1115_04_orton_1015_04_orton_09

This one is another favorite. Even though his world has been totally flipped on its head, Will is such a good big brother. He just seems to know her already.
15_04_orton_12 15_04_orton_1915_04_orton_13 15_04_orton_1415_04_orton_1715_04_orton_15 15_04_orton_1815_04_orton_16

Love these people so much! Here’s to the beautiful season these images acknowledge – a season of becoming four! Congratulations, loves.

the kerr family | lincoln ne family photographer

I am truly having the hardest time this fall with describing the families that grace this blog. I’m having so much fun with every one of them. People are just amazing, ya know? Like these people! Bethany, one of my closest friends from college has been such a sweet presence in my life. A true friend, and one I just continue being blessed by over and over again. This is her family, and they have become dear to me, too, in the years I have known her. And get a load of the sweet baby Agnes. I mean, it’s not fair to be so cute. Ok, enough of my chit chat; meet the Kerrs! Can you guess which one married in? ;) Love you, Jason.
14_10_kerr_01 14_10_kerr_02 14_10_kerr_03 14_10_kerr_04 14_10_kerr_05 14_10_kerr_06 14_10_kerr_07 14_10_kerr_08 14_10_kerr_09 14_10_kerr_10 14_10_kerr_11 14_10_kerr_12 14_10_kerr_13 14_10_kerr_14Aaaaand, I saved the best for last. I love uncles!!!14_10_kerr_15