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the cox family

17_12_cox_01Twins. Twins!!!! Twins and their families have me in the deepest awe, so don’t be surprised in this post to find me at a lack for words. I’m just in sheer admiration of what it takes to parent a new baby, not to mention two of them. Speaking of those babies, ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness, the sweetness is about too much to handle. Meet Evie & Ezra.
17_12_cox_02The perfect, tiny duo. These two were easy-peasy angels the entire I time I worked with them! Right off the bat, my favorite thing about Evie (on the right) is how she keeps one eye open), and Ezra shares my joy of sleep – or so it seemed for the few hours I spent with him. :)
17_12_cox_03 17_12_cox_04 Evie, darling girl, you just seem so intent on figuring out your little world, and the main thing that calmed you down…17_12_cox_05 …was this guy. Ezra – totally expressionless except for this tiny moment during which he raised that little eyebrow. 17_12_cox_06 If you read this blog or follow it at all, you’ve met Kinsley. I had zero doubt about how fantastic of a sister she would be. I can’t get enough of this photo. Big sis just stepping into her new role with 100% confidence and 100% love and affection. Oh, you lucky little babies.17_12_cox_07 17_12_cox_08 I love how I get lost counting little limbs in newborn twin photos – the way they’re always curled up together. Even better with sister’s and mom’s hands in there, too.
17_12_cox_09 17_12_cox_10 17_12_cox_11 Both these photos have my heart all wound up!
17_12_cox_12 17_12_cox_13 The real twinning begins when you set those bitty arms free. HOW DO THEY DO THAT?17_12_cox_1417_12_cox_15 17_12_cox_16 These three kiddos are so loved. I was recently thinking about how with each new baby, the web of relationships in a family grows. More connections are made – everyone has their own new relationship with this new amazing person, and their presence changes the relationships that already exist in beautiful, generous ways. Everybody loves more.  And that’s my excitement for you, Cox family. And in that excitement, I’m just going to leave you with these antlers to make your hearts explode and your smiles burst! 17_12_cox_17

kinsley + diane + oliver + veda

17_10_johnson_01A precious new person was introduced to the world a few weeks ago. It was such an honor to meet her and photograph her in her very first days. World, say hello to Veda Louise. 17_10_johnson_02 Does your jaw not drop at the beauty of this nursery?? I mean, wow. Veda’s mom Diane has such amazing taste. 17_10_johnson_03 Getting loved on by mom and dad…
17_10_johnson_04 Did you catch their maternity session a few weeks back? This guy was just on the verge of being a big brother, and now that he’s in it, I am sure Oliver’s getting plenty of extra time with just dad. :)17_10_johnson_05 17_10_johnson_06 17_10_johnson_07 17_10_johnson_08Hey there, family of four!!!17_10_johnson_09 Veda’s eyes are mesmerizing. They just go on and on, and you can already see her resemblance to Oliver. She really couldn’t be any more perfect. 17_10_johnson_10 17_10_johnson_11 17_10_johnson_12 Dreamy little siblings. :)17_10_johnson_13 17_10_johnson_14Diane & Kinsley, there’s SO much to love about your family. Wishing you smooth transitions and lots of sleep as you all enjoy your perfect baby girl!17_10_johnson_15

charlie + ashley + zoe

Oh, to find the right words for this session! Let’s start wth unrestrained joy. Breathtaking beauty in the face of sweet Zoe and the season of growing and learning a new set of ropes as a family. It was just my favorite thing walking in to their house to see these two friends (I had the pleasure of working with both of them in my designer days) taking on the title of parents with a relaxed comfort, like they had been made for it. So, so good!

17_09_stephan_01Their darling little Zoe was in her element for photos. She was bright-eyed and so expressive and she stole my heart.
17_09_stephan_02 Their pup Linus – Mr. Big Brother. One minute indifferent, the next wanting the spotlight. :)17_09_stephan_03 Those eyes…
17_09_stephan_04 17_09_stephan_05 17_09_stephan_06 You guys are going to have so much fun as parents. SO. MUCH. FUN! 17_09_stephan_07 There’s really no way to pick a favorite from this day, so I didn’t. But this one is a definite contender.17_09_stephan_08 17_09_stephan_09 17_09_stephan_10 17_09_stephan_11 17_09_stephan_12 17_09_stephan_13 Charlie and Ashley, my deepest thanks to you for letting me in on such an intimate, beautiful time in your family! She is the most perfect little bundle. Enjoy her to the fullest!17_09_stephan_14

lj + emily + harriet | omaha ne newborn photographer

I stepped into a dreamy newborn fog when I walked into this adorable house to meet baby Harriet. LJ and Emily seem to have stepped seamlessly into their new role as parents and there’s so much love for Miss Hattie, it’s impossible to miss it. What a lucky, lovely little lady!

17_07_mcelravy_01 Family of 3!17_07_mcelravy_02 Newborn babies have the most unique movements. The way they stretch, their little hands swimming around with no voluntary control, finding their faces and exploring every new texture – it’s part of what makes these sweet babes feel so new. Once it morphs into intentional, playful movements, confident crawls, waving hands, these images will bring this whole season flooding back. My favorite detail here: that’s a preemie diaper on this teeny thing. Hattie came three weeks early, but besides her size, you wouldn’t know it. She’s a champ.
17_07_mcelravy_03 New momma love. Completely stunning in Emily.17_07_mcelravy_04 17_07_mcelravy_05 17_07_mcelravy_06 17_07_mcelravy_07 Those hands again. :)17_07_mcelravy_08 17_07_mcelravy_09 Lj, fatherhood looks good on you. She’s in such good hands.
17_07_mcelravy_10 Hi there, sweet girl!17_07_mcelravy_11 On the right, oh yes they did. They found the tiniest foam finger in all the land. GBR!17_07_mcelravy_12 Wishing you the most wonderful memory-making days in your new season, McElravy fam. :) Congratulations on your little Hattie! It was an honor to photograph her!17_07_mcelravy_13

mike + cherise + cora + owen | lincoln ne newborn photographer

Perfect baby alert! Owen is likely to cause baby fever. Browse photos at your own risk. There. You’ve been warned. :)

17_06_callen_01Well, well, well. It’s one of the sweetest families around and they’re back on the blog! I’m overflowing with happiness for these friends of mine as they have welcomed their second kiddo, Owen Lee. He is too darn perfect, and his sweeeeeet big sister Cora is doing a pretty bang on job in her new role, too. 17_06_callen_02 17_06_callen_03 If you’re a new big sibling, you earn major bonus points for doing this picture. It’s asking a lot – you’re adjusting to a new person in the family, you’re generally a toddler, you are learning just how gentle you have to be. Plus one thousand extra points if you nail it, like Cora did! Atta girl!17_06_callen_04 We snuck outside for a few of just this sweet pea by herself. Isn’t she dreamy?17_06_callen_05 17_06_callen_06 I love Cherise’s smile – how it captures her entire face, and you can see how much joy spills out of her on the daily. Want to know a fun fact? When Mike and Cherise needed a little nosy-friends-making-stuff-happen help before they started dating, I may have had a little something to do with arranging a common place for them to hang out and get the ball rolling. Pretty dang proud of that, considering what a beautiful family God’s creating through them! :) :)17_06_callen_07 17_06_callen_08 Hi, little man. Did you know you’re loved to the moon?17_06_callen_09 17_06_callen_10 17_06_callen_11 Father & Son images are something special. I’m excited to see how their relationship evolves. 17_06_callen_12 We wrapped up in their beautiful backyard. This family…*sigh*…they’re fantastic. THANK YOU, Mike & Cherise, for letting me into your shaken up world! Enjoy every little bit of this new stage of being a family of four. :)17_06_callen_13

best of 2016

All week I’ve been thinking about words. What words might describe what the new year will bring? What words will characterize my circumstances or my thoughts? And then I sat down to create this post – my absolute favorite of the year, because who doesn’t like to gather and dwell on their favorites? – and one word sticks out to me about the last year. “Humbled.” In 2016, I was humbled, and completely privileged to connect with so many different families and peek into their worlds. These people are like bonus family members to me, and I am humbled to have been able to draw near to the incredible relationships they have with one another, and turn their sweet connections into beautiful images. I hope they see what I see in these – beauty, trust, joy, and love. All these gorgeous faces are inspiring me BIG TIME for whatever’s coming down the road. :) Enjoy a few of my favorites from 2016.

16_02_wyatt_1916_04_smith_0616_05_muller1216_11_henke_11 16_11_orton_0616_05_kastoori_01 16_05_cox_0516_06_powell_11 16_06_rashmi_0716_05_muller1016_10_williamson_1216_09_wheeler_03 16_06_loya1416_06_sloup1016_10_memming_0916_09_cederdahl_0516_02_wyatt_0516_06_hall_1416_11_henke_3316_12_horner_09 16_06_deans0816_06_davis_06 16_06_loya0716_09_morales_0216_06_rashmi_06-116_09_wheeler_1116_12_moffatt_1116_07_boylan_0116_06_powell_0216_11_moffatt_01 16_09_thomas_08 16_09_cederdahl_0416_09_wheeler_42 16_10_henke_0416_07_sloup_13 16_10_hassler_1216_10_deriese_05 16_10_memming_0116_10_wortman_0516_11_henke_15 16_12_schnick_0616_07_spare_07 16_11_paxton_0916_06_sloup0316_10_williamson_03 16_11_orton_1416_09_wheeler_17 16_04_alan_0216_12_horner_01 16_11_morris_0616_11_fitzgerald_0416_04_smith_1216_09_wheeler_21 16_10_henke_1316_11_bronson_14 16_11_paxton_02 16_11_fulwider_1216_07_boylan_09 16_06_hall_0816_11_cox_05 16_12_debuse_13 16_09_morales_12 16_12_moffatt_09 16_12_schnick_08 16_06_davis_0216_11_henke_28