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heath + brittany | ashland ne engagement photographer

Heath & Brittany! Heath & Brittany!!!! I’ve been dying to get this session blogged so the world can see this fun duo in all their glory. I’ve noticed these two have this gift for setting the energy level perfectly at a chilled out happy hour vibe. They are so comfortable in their skin, genuine, and unapologetically themselves – they radiate happiness. Full disclosure: I’m doing a victory dance in my seat right now, because I think these images articulate that feeling. So go on and scroll and feel all the feels.

Nebraska, you’re pretty great, too.

17_05_foster_1317_05_foster_01 17_05_foster_02 My favorite thing about them is how they’re both easy going most of the time, except for when they explode with laughter. Here’s Brittany doing just that.17_05_foster_03 17_05_foster_04 This one on the left gives me heart eyes. Brittany, you’re a knockout.17_05_foster_05 17_05_foster_06 17_05_foster_07 My very fave on the left. Frame this, please. I might have to frame it, too. ;)17_05_foster_08 Thought the session couldn’t get any better, then Grace Kelly joined us! This little miss was the perfect pup for portraits. That’s a lot of p’s.17_05_foster_09 17_05_foster_10 17_05_foster_11Thank you, Brittany and Heath (and Grace), for being the very best. I loved every second of photographing your love!17_05_foster_12

andy + alison | lincoln ne engagement photographer

Being around Andy and Alison makes me SO excited about all the good, good, good things that blossom in marriage. Love, sure, but also firm respect, a constant mutual encouragement, and the deepest friendship imaginable. You two are in for the best adventure of your lives, and it’s already off to such a sweet start!

IMG_0827 I wanted to live in this greenhouse after we got done shooting here. It did my can’t-wait-for-summer heart good! I love the magical combination of perfect light and a perfect couple.IMG_0765 IMG_0846Cuuuuuuuute, you guys.
IMG_0955IMG_0711 I know it doesn’t look it, but this day was very typically “March in Nebraska” (i.e. cold and windy). And when that’s the case, we pose for design + practicality. It didn’t take much extra suggesting to get them to cuddle close. :) But I will say that wind in Alison’s hair is worth a little shivering!
IMG_1086 IMG_1250IMG_1410For as much fun as these two have, they have an awesome depth to their relationship. This image on the left was taken during the best moment. Beautifully romantic things were being said, and it is without a doubt my favorite. :DIMG_1458IMG_1167 IMG_1567IMG_1549

Thank you Andy & Alison, for the best session and for being so dang cute. If I didn’t already have a thousand reasons to look forward to July, now I have another great one! Cheers!


best of 2016

All week I’ve been thinking about words. What words might describe what the new year will bring? What words will characterize my circumstances or my thoughts? And then I sat down to create this post – my absolute favorite of the year, because who doesn’t like to gather and dwell on their favorites? – and one word sticks out to me about the last year. “Humbled.” In 2016, I was humbled, and completely privileged to connect with so many different families and peek into their worlds. These people are like bonus family members to me, and I am humbled to have been able to draw near to the incredible relationships they have with one another, and turn their sweet connections into beautiful images. I hope they see what I see in these – beauty, trust, joy, and love. All these gorgeous faces are inspiring me BIG TIME for whatever’s coming down the road. :) Enjoy a few of my favorites from 2016.

16_02_wyatt_1916_04_smith_0616_05_muller1216_11_henke_11 16_11_orton_0616_05_kastoori_01 16_05_cox_0516_06_powell_11 16_06_rashmi_0716_05_muller1016_10_williamson_1216_09_wheeler_03 16_06_loya1416_06_sloup1016_10_memming_0916_09_cederdahl_0516_02_wyatt_0516_06_hall_1416_11_henke_3316_12_horner_09 16_06_deans0816_06_davis_06 16_06_loya0716_09_morales_0216_06_rashmi_06-116_09_wheeler_1116_12_moffatt_1116_07_boylan_0116_06_powell_0216_11_moffatt_01 16_09_thomas_08 16_09_cederdahl_0416_09_wheeler_42 16_10_henke_0416_07_sloup_13 16_10_hassler_1216_10_deriese_05 16_10_memming_0116_10_wortman_0516_11_henke_15 16_12_schnick_0616_07_spare_07 16_11_paxton_0916_06_sloup0316_10_williamson_03 16_11_orton_1416_09_wheeler_17 16_04_alan_0216_12_horner_01 16_11_morris_0616_11_fitzgerald_0416_04_smith_1216_09_wheeler_21 16_10_henke_1316_11_bronson_14 16_11_paxton_02 16_11_fulwider_1216_07_boylan_09 16_06_hall_0816_11_cox_05 16_12_debuse_13 16_09_morales_12 16_12_moffatt_09 16_12_schnick_08 16_06_davis_0216_11_henke_28

cord + jenna | lincoln ne engagement photographer

These two people are getting married!!!!! What a fantastic decision, because they fit together with total ease. I haven’t even known them that long, but it’s obvious they complement one another beautifully. Their love is stunning.

16_10_williamson_01 The contentment on their faces says so much, and this image makes me happy.16_10_williamson_02Yeah, girl! 16_10_williamson_03 16_10_williamson_04 16_10_williamson_05 Aw look at you guys just bein’ you. Cord chill and serious with just a little smirk, and Jenna adorable and surely saying something funny. :D:D
16_10_williamson_06 16_10_williamson_07 16_10_williamson_08 16_10_williamson_09 This one on the right…I asked Cord to give me his best Ray face, and at the thought of it, Jenna just happened to do this. I love! You can’t orchestrate this kinda thing, people.16_10_williamson_10 Peace. Calm. Contentment. Comfort. (And as a side note, Nebraska, you’re beautiful.)16_10_williamson_11 16_10_williamson_1216_10_williamson_13 16_10_williamson_14 Jenna’s eyes make me madly excited for next July. C’mon. She’s gonna be the prettiest bride!!!16_10_williamson_15 16_10_williamson_16 A cute snippet of their story: they met at a party in college, and Jenna wrote her number on Cord’s arm with a Sharpie. Fortunately he followed up the next day, and now here they are.16_10_williamson_17 You two have no idea how excited and honored I am to photograph your wedding in a few months. Can’t wait to celebrate all you are together! Cheers!16_10_williamson_18

brad + elise | lincoln ne engagement photographer

Sometimes starting a blog post about the amazing people I’ve gotten to spend time with, making photographic magic happen, is terribly daunting. How do I possibly condense everything I want to say about these souls into a few lines of text? I guess that’s not my job, but I’ll do my best to do justice to my friends in these photos with the limited space I have. Thank goodness photographs speak, too.

These two. Brad + Elise. They met in South Africa, during a three week overlap of their two separate missions teams. They are getting married on Saturday. God has woven their lives together through the most unique circumstances, as only He can, and this weekend that’s gonna be celebrated in an incredible way. I cannot wait!

16_10_henke_01 In describing each other, they both use the word “kind” a lot, and it’s so appropriate. You can see kindness pour from both of their smiles, actions, words and attitudes.16_10_henke_02 16_10_henke_03 16_10_henke_04 16_10_henke_05This session took place after they’d been apart for about two weeks. Brad flew into town in the afternoon. I highly recommend taking engagement photos after a reunion like that. They were just a *little* excited to see each other! 16_10_henke_06 Mmmm my favorite.16_10_henke_07 16_10_henke_08 16_10_henke_09 When I heard about how Brad proposed to Elise, I knew we had to visit this spot for photos. This giant fallen tree lies just off a local bike trail, and is a spot they’ve explored a few times throughout their relationship. Brad went to great lengths to propose here and spent two days clearing a path to it, laying down strips of bark so it wouldn’t be muddy, hanging a swing…it’s nothing short of amazing. 16_10_henke_10 The swing was still there and plants had grown up over the bark floor Brad made.16_10_henke_11 16_10_henke_12 16_10_henke_13 16_10_henke_14 16_10_henke_15

Brad & Elise, I am honored and on a total excitement high to capture the day you become husband and wife! You are so wonderful together. Let’s do this!

mackenzie + justin | lincoln ne engagement photographer

Meet two people who were made for one another, are completely in love, and look DANG good together. ;) Kenzie and Justin made my week when they asked me to photograph an engagement session for them. Kenzie’s law schooling brought her to Nebraska and after a year of long-distance, Justin recently followed. These lovebirds are gettin’ hitched in just a few short months in their home state of Idaho, which based on Justin’s passionate recommendations, I’m going to need to visit ASAP!

Right before this first shot, Kenzie told me they were both awkward. Hmmmm. OKAY! :D

16_06_davis_01 16_06_davis_02 The way they act together reflects such a deep respect and admiration for each other. Justin’s going to take such amazing care of her, and she complements him perfectly. Also, there’s no shortage of laughter between them. Winning combo!
16_06_davis_03 16_06_davis_04 Hey, MODELS.16_06_davis_05 They helped me fulfill a long-time dream to use this sculpture in a session. I’m pretty happy about it which may influence this being my pick for most framable image!16_06_davis_06 Pretty camouflage.16_06_davis_07 16_06_davis_08This one makes me giddy for life, love and marriage. :)16_06_davis_09 Kenzie’s ring is unreal – so pretty on her!16_06_davis_10 16_06_davis_11 16_06_davis_12 16_06_davis_13 16_06_davis_14 16_06_davis_15 You guys are perfect together and I’m so grateful to have met you. Thank you isn’t even enough! I’m wishing you the very best wedding and so much happiness to follow. Congrats, Justin & Kenzie!16_06_davis_16

best of 2015 | lincoln ne photographer

Reflecting on the last year is always mind-blowing (even when it’s done in February – whoops!). Did all this really happen in the same year?! As I looked through nearly every photo I took in 2015, I found myself smiling – a lot – and even laughing out loud at my desk, remembering the amazing moments these wonderful people shared with me. There’s just nothing more humbling than being let into your closest relationships, your intimate moments, your happiness. So, to my clients in 2015, THANK YOU a million times over. I adore you and am so honored to have made these images with and for you.

Choosing was hard, obviously. These are just a handful of my favorites from 2015, and they make me so eager for the next year!!! Cheers to all you beautiful souls.

15_01_borst_01 15_03_orton_0615_07_buettner_13 15_07_thomas_1215_06_sattler_1415_08_hassler_0115_07_eden_02 15_06_morales_1515_08_memming_1715_11_mueller_0515_06_moore_1315_04_orton_05 15_11_cordell_0715_11_hall_0215_08_walz_13 15_03_orton_0515_08_rudd_09 15_04_borst_0415_06_schulz_1315_12_wheeler_0715_10_lundy_0715_07_buettner_0815_10_fulwider_03 15_04_borst_0815_10_dexter_1215_07_thomas_0615_08_hassler_17 15_06_morales_0215_08_memming_09 15_08_moffatt_1615_10_callen_1515_08_rudd_23 15_01_borst_0615_07_eden_0515_11_barr07 15_11_hall_0911_15_orton_0115_09_hunke_0315_09_thomas_0315_08_moffatt_1815_08_obrian_1015_09_marcus_15 16_01_moore_1215_10_callen_05 15_10_dexter_0615_07_marcus_12 15_10_kinsley_0115_09_marcus_2215_09_thomas_22 15_12_rock_07fulwider_201515_06_schulz_1615_04_orton_0815_10_emmettgatlin_06le_201515_10_lundy_0815_11_wedding_0711_15_hundt_07 16_01_moore_1115_11_cordell_11 15_09_thomas_1315_11_mueller_01 11_15_orton_06hundt_201515_07_marcus_0515_11_barr1215_12_wheeler_1515_06_moore_14