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this wednesday: craftacular!

If you happen to follow me on social media, you may have seen me posting lately about an upcoming FANTASTIC craft show I am going to be a part of this year. Craftacular is in Lincoln THIS Wednesday at the Cornhusker Hotel from 4-9pm. Guys. This is not what you’re thinking it is. It is better. I’ve been before as a shopper, and it is truly fantastic. Jen, who organizes the whole thing, does a really awesome job making it a very classy, upscale and exciting shopping experience. There’s live music and a cash bar, so you can peruse your cute handmade goodies with a drink in hand, while you’re being serenaded, and in my opinion, it’s the perfect way to kick off your enjoyment of all things Christmas.

So, I’m a photographer. You might be wondering what I’m doing at a booth at a craft show. Well, when I transitioned to photography full time, I really didn’t want to just stop designing. It’s a big part of who I am, and I love doing it, but have never really devoted a lot of time to designing things just for myself and not necessarily for clients. I have always wanted to design and sell art prints and paper goods, and signing up for Craftacular gave me just the push I needed to get going. So with that, I can announce the sale of my prints! I will be selling 12 different 8×10 art prints, as well as a poster-style calendar and some small sets of gift tags for holiday wrapping.

In addition to selling my prints, I am *ALMOST* even more excited to announce that I’ll be giving away a free photography session at my booth to any new clients! The winner can choose between an engagement, family, maternity or newborn session, depending on what is relevant to them. If the prints aren’t your cup of tea, this is still a huge reason to come see me on Wednesday.

You can see a little sneak preview of some of the prints below:

RawsonCraftacular_02 RawsonCraftacular_03 RawsonCraftacular_04 RawsonCraftacular_05 RawsonCraftacular_06 RawsonCraftacular_07 RawsonCraftacular_08 RawsonCraftacular_09 RawsonCraftacular_10

If you’re able to make it out on Wednesday, please stop by to say hi and check it all out! I’d love to see you and meet you if I haven’t already!

nebraska foodie

My awesome, entrepeneur-minded friend had this great idea to start his own blog and write about all the cool things happening in Nebraska that centered around food. Because believe me, Nebraskans love their food. And there’s a growing number of them that appreciate really really good food. Tyler’s idea, Nebraska Foodie, is the blog that talks about all that. Way back when this idea was initially born, Tyler asked me “Oh hey, can you make me a header image for my blog?” It immediately turned into a full-on branding project and I loved every minute of it. I did it because I’m excited about the idea and I love designing things for people who appreciate and love a design they feel really shows who they are. That’s the moment – seeing the smile of someone after they meet a design they never expected to be much of anything – that I say “This is so much fun I could do it all day long! And I do!” I made the logo, customized the website, and created the facebook and twitter images.

Don’t just look at the teeny tiny images here. Get on over there and see the thing in living, clicking, marquee sliding, responsive action. Also, realize that since neither me or Tyler really wanted this to be a huge undertaking/from-scratch design, this is customized from a purchased WordPress theme template. Credit where it’s due. :) Also, go like Nebraska Foodie on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Because it’s awesome and I said so. Boom. Happy Friday!

in the works

The only reason I haven’t shared a suspenseful teaser of my latest project yet is because I didn’t want to make people sit in agonizing anticipation for too long. That…and I forgot until now. Coming Monday – my good friend Tyler is launching a new blog and I’ve been busy tweaking and styling the site. Make sure you check back next week to see the full reveal! I can hardly wait!

new website: chi omega

I recently redesigned the website for the local active chapter of the sorority I joined in college. This project was fun. It was personal, it is totally different from most things I get to design, and I love how it turned out. When designing it, I stuck with what I always love the most about my favorite websites – plenty of white space and small, unexpected details. I got to experiment on it with some functions I hadn’t ventured to use before, so it was also a good learning experience for me. This was finished about a week before the girls started Fall Recruitment – just in time to hook some fabulous new Chi Omegas! Here’s a preview, and you can visit the site here if you’d like. Enjoy!

a marriage and a wedding: the details

I posted last week about the meaning of my friend’s beautiful wedding, because it’s most important. Less important, were the centerpieces, the flowers, the cake, the invitations, etc. But hey, I helped with a lot of that and I’m still gonna show it on my blog, because I really can’t document the beauty of marriage in photographs so much, ok? So feast your eyes on the not-as-important-as-covenental-love details that made up this wedding. Also, if you’re interested, this is the friend we threw this shower for and made these tissue flowers for a few posts back.

Let’s start with invitaitons. I’ve been waiting to share these with you for so long! Gray + yellow. I don’t know who the first person was to have a gray and yellow wedding, but I would like to say to them, “Bravo. Well done. Thank you for blessing generations of brides to come.” Lovely. Also, thanks Bethany, for being up for simple, stylish design.

Also, if you are getting married, do yourself a money-saving favor and have people RSVP by email! Trust me, your grandma will either figure it out or she will call your mom. It’s worth it if you’re on a budget!

Now for the details that tie the invitations into the rest of the day. The reception was held at the church and was simple, but fabulous with a dessert buffet and three options of signature coffee drinks. I loved the drink idea so we came up with unique names and made these illustrated menus to show guests the contents of each option. I had the three white frames laying around my house. They’re from Ikea.

Here they are at the reception, which was spread out over two rooms plus the foyer. The coffee drinks were in a small coffee room (conveniently a yellow one) called Solid Grounds. Recognize that paper circle garland? Yep – it’s recycled from a shower we threw for my future sister-in-law. Did I mention I heart gray + yellow?

And finally, I created these simple food labels. I absolutely love details like this. Necessary? Not entirely. I mean people can generally figure out what food is what. Noticeable? Definitely. They are just one more thing that ties together the theme of the day. And personally, I’m a fan of knowing that the yellow frosting is flavored, not just colored. I can be particular like that.

These cookies were made by the mother of the bride a few weeks before the wedding, frozen, and decorated by a friend of the bride. Lemon shortbread is my new favorite thing.

Here are a few other detail shots from the reception. Oh hey, paper garland again. Sneaky.

Such a lovely wedding. I want to say let’s do it all over again, but yeah, on second thought let’s not. :) Cheers to the happy couple – the details of your day were stunning, as are you.

a marriage and a wedding: the day

June 10th. My dear friend got married! And what a long time coming. She started dating “him” a few months before leaving the country. That lasted two years too long, and she got engaged two months before coming home. Romantic, don’t you think? And it was beautiful. Yes, the decorations were simple, sweet, and elegant, and the couple looked smashing, but the wedding was truly beautiful. It was beautiful because it was about marriage, not just wedding. I was having a great time, enjoying the day, enjoying the details, enjoying time with the bridesmaids, but when the ceremony started, I totally lost it, cried through almost half of that, and was just overwhelmed by the beauty of a marriage that will last. Undoubtedly. It will not fail. The ceremony message was all about grace. The grace they need from God to love each other well, and the grace they will need with each other to patiently bear burdens with one another and navigate life together. And it was beautiful.

Let me walk you through the day. This sums up our bridesmaid brunch: We laughed. We got ready. Jill did everybody’s hair and used a fancy curling iron you need gloves for. It was fun. I took very few pictures.

And in true wedding fashion, this is the only decent picture I got with the bride, besides the professional ones. That’s life I suppose. Isn’t she gorgeous?

It takes a small army to take care of the bride sometimes. While this can be cause for bridezilla sightings, if you’re a normal person who doesn’t cause unnecessary drama, this can be a special thing – all your friends want nothing more than to love, help, support, and celebrate with you, sometimes in the form of strapping your heels on or taking them off. That was the case with this wedding.

I had a few jobs that day. Getting beautiful portraits was not one of them. I so wanted to have an hour to myself with the lovely bride to get my own pictures, but that’s what the photographer is for and I needed to just be ok with that. I was lucky and snuck in these two. I love them and I can’t get over how stunning she is.

These two. They are fantastico. They get credit for making the day go smoothly and with a great sense of humor the whole time. I loved spending the weekend with them. Loved it!

Jill’s masterpieces…

My dear Emily. Aren’t we cute in our matching bridesmaid dresses? (Which were great, actually…)

Most of my pictures of Bethany are of her back because I am in love with the details on the back of her dress. Ruffles, schnazziness, elegance. Check.

Oh, and look who showed up in Lincoln for the big day: my parents!

This day was amazing. Details of the details to come…

fresh inspiration: jessica hische

You may know that I am a sucker for typography. Good typography. If I had known “typographer” was a profession as a high school graduate, I may have pursued it with fervor and never looked back. Alas, I was completely unaware. Shoot, I wasn’t even sure what a graphic designer did. I thought my options when it came to jobs were limited to a basic list you’d find on flashcards for “Occupations” like doctor, architect, teacher, veterinarian. Nothing wrong with those things, it’s just that my scope was relatively small at first. Fun people like Jessica Hische were more fortunate (and clearly smarter) than myself. I came across her portfolio yesterday (the gray and orange had me at “hello”) and have been jealous and possibly drooling ever since. So cute. So perfectly branded. Unashamedly girly, but not too crazy girly. I love it. Nice work Miss Jessica! She did a really fun project called “Daily Drop Cap” for which she illustrated a letter of the alphabet every day for a year. That is determination and commitment. It’s got me thinking of how I can challenge myself with a fun project like that. (If you were wondering, a “drop cap” is a type of “initial”, which is the letter at the beginning of a text, like a book chapter or article, that is larger than the rest of the text. When an “initial” is a “drop cap” it sits within the margins of the paragraph and runs several lines deep so it is flush with the top and left margins of the text, as in this blog post. You may now check off “learn something new” on your daily to-do list, thankyouverymuch).

Back to Jessica’s work. Take a look at these beauties!

“H” is for Holla.


“P” is for Please let me have free prints of these.


“Q”? I don’t know what Q is for but it’s pretty.


“S” is for Swanky.


The best part about Jessica is that she is willing to share these letters with bloggers like me whose goals in life include prettyizing the internet. As in, for no charge, I can use those drop caps in my blog posts! Expect to start seeing more of them around these parts! If you are totally tempted to grab these images and use them yourself, be a nice person and head over to the Daily Drop Cap and read through Jessica’s kind requests for usage and licensing. If you still just really freaking want a print of one, you’re in luck because she actually sells some of them in her store. I was bummed they only come in one set of colors, but I still want the “R” for Rawson. :) And the ampersand. *sigh* Ampersands.

Hope you guys have five or ninety minutes to take out of your day and go admire her stuff! If not, sorry I got you to do it anyway.