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jeff + cortney + elliot | watertown sd family photography

I love this family to pieces, and for good reason. It’s my little brother, his beautiful and kind-hearted wife, and my lovable, heart-melting nephew Elliot! I had the privilege of doing a little family session with them during my last trip back home to Watertown.

17_07_moffatt_01 Elliot is a (little) man of one thousand faces. He’ll study you with intensity for quite a while, but then his face melts into this adorable grin. 17_07_moffatt_02 I think he’s going to be quite the goof.17_07_moffatt_03 17_07_moffatt_04 Also, talk about a baby that (in my opinion) so closely resembles his parents! He is a perfect mix of mom and dad, but since I grew up with his daddy, almost all I see is baby Jeffy. ;) 17_07_moffatt_05 This epitomizes their family. They love fun and they do it well. 17_07_moffatt_06 17_07_moffatt_07 17_07_moffatt_08 I got teary taking this photo on the left. Jeff, you are such a good dad – so committed, tender, and heart-invested. I’m very proud of you.17_07_moffatt_09 17_07_moffatt_10 17_07_moffatt_11

Jeff & Cortney, this photo session with you made my heart sing. I hope it’s not long before I get to do it again. :)

brandon + meghan + sylvie | lincoln ne family photographer

It’s SYLVIE! And of course, her lovely parents Brandon & Meghan.
17_07_memming_01 I made a quick friend with this little one. Her mama told me she can be a little choosey about who she opens up to, which of course made me feel like a million bucks! :D I was honored she decided I was ok to have on her team, and we did have a lot of fun.

17_07_memming_02 As you’ll see, Sylvie is the queen of alllllll the faces. Don’t you just love her?! I love how she mirrors her beautiful mama, especially with those curls.17_07_memming_03 17_07_memming_04 Hi there, beauty.17_07_memming_05 My very fave!! Encircled by mom and dad = a favorite place for any kid.17_07_memming_06 17_07_memming_07 Showing me she’s proud to be TWO! 17_07_memming_08 My heart couldn’t even handle this quilt. Cotton + Steel (and Sylvie’s nana, obviously) for the win!17_07_memming_09 17_07_memming_10 17_07_memming_11

I miss you already, Sylvie, and hope you enjoy these photos as you grow and that you can always see how much you’re loved in them. :) Thanks, Meghan and Brandon for a fantastic session, and for sharing your girl with me! XOXO!


justin + erica + eloise + mirabel | lincoln ne family photographer

Hi, there! I am very eager, as always, to get talking about the amazing people in the images below, but today I feel the need to make a quick disclaimer. I sometimes worry, when I get busy with portrait sessions and post a lot, that it may seem like I’m always saying “such nice things” about the people I photograph, and it can’t possibly all be genuine. Well, I’d just like to make it clear that I don’t exactly know how I drew the right straw and got lucky enough to have the best clients/friend-families under the sun, but I mean every word I say on this here blog, and social media, and wherever. 100%. No BS. Ok, that’s all, you may continue. :) And please do, because it’s another good one!

I cannot help but smile every DANG time I pull up this family’s session. It is almost like they are a unicorn family and can’t be real, BUT. THEY. ARE!

17_07_klemsz_01 The sister love is for real, their cuteness is for real, and the smiles don’t get any better than this. 17_07_klemsz_02 17_07_klemsz_03 Daddy Justin with his girls. I met Justin back when I worked in digital design, and sweet Mirabel on the right was born just a month or so before my oldest daughter. 17_07_klemsz_04 Girl. You are sweetness personified.17_07_klemsz_05 17_07_klemsz_06 I’m not going to try to hide that I have a thing for families with two girls, 2-3 years apart. I mean…obviously! There are sisters, and then there are sisters who are friends. :D These two have it figured out.17_07_klemsz_07Erica, it’s obvious to me you’re doing good mama work, and it shows in your beautiful girls.17_07_klemsz_08 My favorite, begging for a frame!17_07_klemsz_09 17_07_klemsz_10 Tell me they don’t make your heart stop!17_07_klemsz_11 Side note: it took Eloise no time at all to figure out that the farther away I got while we were shooting, the smaller they would be in the photos. “We’re going to be tiny in this one!” I was impressed!!17_07_klemsz_12 17_07_klemsz_13 It was an honor and a treat to spend some photo time with you four, and I left with a serious soft spot for your family. :) I hope you enjoy these every bit as much as I do!17_07_klemsz_14

tommi + mollie + kinsley + two!

Gosh, talk about families that have become dear to me. Where to even start? I’ve just had the privilege of photographing these three lovely ladies a bunch of times in the last few years and I always look forward to it. I mean, we have FUN. :)

17_06_cox_01 Kinsley is a ham, and doesn’t mind the camera one bit.17_06_cox_02 17_06_cox_03 This session though, was a **litttttle* extra exciting, because it sorta…kinda…doubled as a TWIN BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT. I mean, that’s a BIG DEAL! I am still processing this news, like a month later, that they’ll be a party of five!!!17_06_cox_04 17_06_cox_05 Golly. They’re adorable.17_06_cox_06 17_06_cox_07 Ok, this is a favorite. Kinsley was obsessing over having rocks in her shoe (not big rocks, itty bitty pieces of sand “rocks”), and kept taking her shoes off to pick them out of her toes. The different reactions here that you can just *barely* see speak parenting volumes. LOVE the realness! (If you know Mollie, you can mentally fill in the rest of her face). :D :D17_06_cox_08 17_06_cox_09 A little photo trickery on this lovely. ;) Look close…17_06_cox_10 Congrats to you, special, sweet family! See you again soon, I hope, to meet the twinsies!17_06_cox_11

park + krista + grayson + josalyn | lincoln ne family photographer

There is honestly nothing better than playing with your kids and making you laugh, my dear sweet client families. I big time heart my job. :)

I love a session like this where my mind is blown by how much the baby changed, because the last time I saw them it was newborn crazy time and she was teensy tiny. We started out at the Nebraska State Capitol because that’s where we did their maternity/family session when Krista was pregnant with Josalyn. It was so fun to do a 2.0! See that session here and Josalyn’s newborn photos here. :)

17_06_sloup_01 17_06_sloup_02 17_06_sloup_03 Krista has the most apparent love and affection for her kids, and it gives me heart eyes. Such a beautiful mama inside and out.17_06_sloup_04 17_06_sloup_05 Josalyn handles the neck hugs like a pro. ;)
17_06_sloup_06 17_06_sloup_07 17_06_sloup_08 Joy!
17_06_sloup_09 17_06_sloup_1017_06_sloup_11 17_06_sloup_12 17_06_sloup_13 We finished with a sweet little cake smash that Krista had lovingly set up. That is one loved one-year-old. :D 17_06_sloup_14Thank you so much, Park, Krista & crew. Loved capturing your family again!

mike + cherise + cora + owen | lincoln ne newborn photographer

Perfect baby alert! Owen is likely to cause baby fever. Browse photos at your own risk. There. You’ve been warned. :)

17_06_callen_01Well, well, well. It’s one of the sweetest families around and they’re back on the blog! I’m overflowing with happiness for these friends of mine as they have welcomed their second kiddo, Owen Lee. He is too darn perfect, and his sweeeeeet big sister Cora is doing a pretty bang on job in her new role, too. 17_06_callen_02 17_06_callen_03 If you’re a new big sibling, you earn major bonus points for doing this picture. It’s asking a lot – you’re adjusting to a new person in the family, you’re generally a toddler, you are learning just how gentle you have to be. Plus one thousand extra points if you nail it, like Cora did! Atta girl!17_06_callen_04 We snuck outside for a few of just this sweet pea by herself. Isn’t she dreamy?17_06_callen_05 17_06_callen_06 I love Cherise’s smile – how it captures her entire face, and you can see how much joy spills out of her on the daily. Want to know a fun fact? When Mike and Cherise needed a little nosy-friends-making-stuff-happen help before they started dating, I may have had a little something to do with arranging a common place for them to hang out and get the ball rolling. Pretty dang proud of that, considering what a beautiful family God’s creating through them! :) :)17_06_callen_07 17_06_callen_08 Hi, little man. Did you know you’re loved to the moon?17_06_callen_09 17_06_callen_10 17_06_callen_11 Father & Son images are something special. I’m excited to see how their relationship evolves. 17_06_callen_12 We wrapped up in their beautiful backyard. This family…*sigh*…they’re fantastic. THANK YOU, Mike & Cherise, for letting me into your shaken up world! Enjoy every little bit of this new stage of being a family of four. :)17_06_callen_13

josh + jennifer + hannah + olivia | lincoln ne family photographer

It’s another fabulous day for having a sweet family on the blog, and here they are! This crew just stole my heart. Hannah (on the right here) jumped out of the car when they arrived and came right up to hug me! We’d never met, and it was the best way to start a session. :)

17_06_jones_01 Hannah’s enthusiasm about her little sister is an 11. Actually, most of her emotions are an 11! She loooooves life.17_06_jones_02 Hi, baby Olivia! This one drew the lucky “didn’t nap on photo day” straw, but you never could have guessed it. She was such a charmer. And Josh – you’re an A+ dad. So patient, so involved, and making everything fun for your family.
17_06_jones_03 See?
17_06_jones_04 I just love these two next to each other. Mama’s wrangling kids like a boss, and they are both showing their colors.17_06_jones_05 17_06_jones_06 17_06_jones_07 Don’t you just want to snuggle her? She’s dreamy.
17_06_jones_08 17_06_jones_09 17_06_jones_10 17_06_jones_11 Dear Families who let me take your pictures every so often: I truly love you and see so much unique beauty in each and every one of you. You are doing wonderful things, raising amazing kids, and acknowledging the beauty in your everyday lives. I applaud you. That goes for you too, Joneses. ;) 17_06_jones_12