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the carter family

This session was such an honor. These three were visiting from Italy (woah!) and during their precious time with family, we worked in a photo session. I fell hard right off the bat for little Siena, who just happened to be turning ONE that very day. 18_01_carter_01 18_01_carter_02 She is the sunniest little girl! 18_01_carter_03 18_01_carter_04 18_01_carter_05 Gosh, these next two with Siena cuddled up with her daddy. You can tell she’s in her happy place. 18_01_carter_06 18_01_carter_07 My favorite. :)18_01_carter_08 18_01_carter_09 After a bit of time just with these three, the whole fam showed up. Grandma, great-grandma, aunts, uncles, and all the cousins. Keep a close eye on Siena’s little smile, because as we were walking down the hall, she caught eye of a special cousin…18_01_carter_10 That smile on the left is all for her cousin who’s holding her on the right. Is that not the sweetest thing???18_01_carter_11 She’s even got his finger here. :) Anyway, she’s got three awesome “big bro” type cousins and is in such good hands. What a good-looking crew! 18_01_carter_12 18_01_carter_13 18_01_carter_14 18_01_carter_15 The icing on the cake was seeing this whole family gathered together from near and far. A seriously great close to the holidays. :) Cheers, Carter family! 18_01_carter_16

the holt family

17_12_holt_01Welcome to the blog, Holt family!!!!!! These guys have something special going on. They enjoy one another so dang much (and for good reason – they’re all wonderful) and it made me all kinds of happy. I could have hung out with them all afternoon, but couldn’t because they had to go to Costco. ;)

Let’s kick things off with a fave, because typography and little Maeble’s side kick. :D

17_12_holt_02Speaking of sweet Miss Maeble, here she is in all her sunshine-y glory!
17_12_holt_03 She showed up ready to report for photo-taking duty! I’m a sucker for kids who love the camera (duh) so we became fast friends. Her smile alone would have done the trick, though. 17_12_holt_04 I’m gonna go ahead and say that Maeble’s favorite person is Jordyn. Not only is she incredibly pretty, she’s an all-star big sister, and wins bonus points because she was brave enough to stand between the cacti for this photo. Trooper. She told me she’s “the strong one” – I think that’s true in more ways than one.17_12_holt_05 Her smile, too! I’m going to stop right here with how great all their smiles are, because they’re all just perfect. Say hey to Jackson on the right! There’s a good chance he’s cooler than you. Hockey stud, bookworm, go-with-the-flow middle child, wielder of comic book knowledge…17_12_holt_06 17_12_holt_07 17_12_holt_08 Mom & Dad, laughing at Maeble. :)
17_12_holt_09 I love little sister being out of height order, facing the wrong way, and holding her brother’s hand in this one. Imperfection > perfection.17_12_holt_10Jordyn, the cactus might be your spirit animal.
17_12_holt_11 17_12_holt_12 Of course all parents need & want photos of their kids as they grow up and change – but IMHO, moms and dads, you need to see how your marriage changes, too. And even better, the parts that haven’t changed, like how you still laugh together like you’ve always laughed.17_12_holt_13 17_12_holt_14 These last two: that sweet, spunky Maeble wasted no time learning how a photographer gets to boss the fam around. She’s giving directions about where to stand, faces to make, who should move together. And then…17_12_holt_15 She just plain took over. :) 17_12_holt_16

Holt fam, I could not have enjoyed this day any more than I did. Thank you for bringing your photo A-game (i.e. being yourselves and having fun). :D YOU’RE AMAZING!

craig + megan + mackenzie + charlotte

17_11_hundt_01Almost exactly two years ago, I met this endearing family for a maternity session (Megan was then expecting miss Charlotte) and immediately fell in love. Their girls are bright-eyed and ready for anything, and it’s so much fun chasing them around, teasing their beautiful smiles out. :) 17_11_hundt_02 Their parents say these girls are total opposites, and they complement each other beautifully. I can’t handle how much Mackenzie looks like her mama, and Charlie like her daddy.
17_11_hundt_03 Hey, hey, sweet girl!17_11_hundt_04 17_11_hundt_05 We made do with a slightly chilly (FREEZING) day.
17_11_hundt_06 My favorite!17_11_hundt_07 17_11_hundt_08 Melting me with their sister love.
17_11_hundt_09 17_11_hundt_10 Of all the things I love about this family, what I love best is their willingness to just go with it. Enjoy their kiddos, embrace the craziness, and be themselves. It’s what the best sessions are made of. Hugs to you, Hundt fam!17_11_hundt_11

the moore family

Welcome back to the blog, Moore family! This well-loved crew has grown by three whole people since our last shoot together. Three super cute people. :D

17_11_moore_01 If you know the Moore family/families, then you probably know what it’s like to be wholeheartedly welcomed & befriended, and you’ve probably had a crazy adventure or two with them.17_11_moore_02 Brad, Shalita and little Zaara. Their presence in these photos is pretty significant, considering they live in New Zealand. I was immediately charmed by their sweet girl, and I can only imagine how precious their time was together with Brad’s family.17_11_moore_03 On the right is Isaac, in front of his “macho fern”. :) Basically, Isaac graciously puts up with jokes from his older brothers every five minutes, and for the time being gets to proudly herald the title of Favorite Uncle to all these cute, wild kiddos.17_11_moore_04 Emily, Caleb & Julian. This trio is so sweet together. Their smiles are filled with such obvious joy in one another, and it’s easy to see why. Julian drew the “no nap” straw for photo day (somebody’s gotta do it), and handled all the craziness with that darling smile on his face the entire time. I’d say he’s a keeper.17_11_moore_05 Tyler, Joy, Quincy, Zoe, and what may be my new favorite sibling photo ever. Zoe, girl, you’re doing all the little sister things right. :)17_11_moore_06Quincy has turned into quite the little ham. He has energy for days and put his own amazing spin on everything I asked him to do. He’s so much fun to be around.  17_11_moore_07 Kurt & Diane make you feel like part of their own family. They are honestly some of the most endearing people I’ve met. Seeing them with this almost-too-many-to-hold pile of grandkids is just so perfect. Lucky, lucky kids and I think a few of them already know it. ;)17_11_moore_08 Brothers. All in the same city. In the same country!17_11_moore_09 17_11_moore_10 Zoe, such an easy, go-with-it, happy baby girl. She complements her family perfectly.17_11_moore_11 We have some seriously beautiful eyes going on with these grandkids.
17_11_moore_12 Happiness. Moore crew, it is such a deep pleasure to photograph you together. Thanks for blessing me and everyone around you with all your joy. Hugs to you all!17_11_moore_13

craig + melissa + mari + asa

17_11_loya_01Say hey to the coolest kids on the block: Mari and Asa! Their family is a sheer delight to be around. I couldn’t stop smiling. (Last time, either! It’s like their thing.)
17_11_loya_02 17_11_loya_03 I loooove this image on the right. Melissa’s face is the picture of contentment, surrounded by her crazy crew. 17_11_loya_04 17_11_loya_05 Don’t you just want to hug them all? They’re so darn happy!!!!17_11_loya_06 Let’s shake it up a bit with the posing, shall we? I think so. ;)17_11_loya_07 There may have been some snort laughter going on…
17_11_loya_08 17_11_loya_09 I keep gravitating toward unusual words to describe this boy, like “buoyant”, but I think his fam would agree. He’s just the most cheerful, easy-going, goofball boy (as long as ya let him run!).
17_11_loya_10 17_11_loya_11 And then there’s this one, with the most perfect freckle in the middle of her nose, and this beautiful full-face smile. Her personality comes out after she warms up a bit, and then it just gains momentum. Wave after wave of silliness and laughter. She’s something ridiculously special.17_11_loya_1217_11_loya_13 And if you’re still reading, lucky you. Sometimes I save the best for the last of the blog post…17_11_loya_14 17_11_loya_15 Thank goodness for kids who make it possible to take the world a little less seriously. Love you to the moon, Loyas!!!!

chris + zeljka + sam + eli

17_10_hassler_01This is an absolutely adored family. I had the pleasure of working with Zeljka for a number of years and I miss seeing her lovely face every day. She and Chris were some of the first people to entrust me with the important task of documenting their family as it really started changing when Sam was born. So yeah, I love them a lot.17_10_hassler_02When it works, I love starting sessions at home. Kids warm up so well in their own space, and I love a good front porch shot. ;)17_10_hassler_03 17_10_hassler_04 Eli. The most lovable little boy, with a special bond with his mama. A mesmerizing combination of his parents. Also, a total crack up. :)17_10_hassler_05 17_10_hassler_06 17_10_hassler_07 This is brotherhood. :) :) :) 17_10_hassler_08 17_10_hassler_09 17_10_hassler_10 17_10_hassler_11 This image on the right. You guys are looking gooooood. Soap box moment: never, ever, ever stop taking photos with your spouse. It’s easily overshadowed by your cute kids, it feels like reenacting your engagement photos a bunch of years later, I get it. But don’t stop! Because you’re different, too, than you were one or two or six years ago, and your love is still super important and worth being photographed. And it’s probably not even so much for you as it is for your kids so they can see their parents’ relationship they grew up watching. Right? Ok, end moment. :D 17_10_hassler_12Hey, Sam! I am a sucker for this charming kid, and could listen to him talk for hours. He is razor sharp, has a uniquely wonderful sense of humor, and can tell you the most profound, detailed, all-you-ever-wanted-to-know facts about all sorts of things like tornadoes and trains. He’s downright delightful.17_10_hassler_13 17_10_hassler_14 Z & Chris, I know you already know it, but you have something so precious. Thanks for sharing it with me and being up for my shenanigans. :) I truly love photographing your family. 17_10_hassler_15

gabe + kara + sienna + ayla

17_10_cordell_14These imaginative, sweet, gorgeous girls came running up to me when they got to their session with the starriest eyes and all the excitement about taking photos again. Filled my heart right up! I had heart eyes for weeks after our last session, and the same vibes are back this time. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job??17_10_cordell_02 Sister love is an amazing gift. I sincerely expect these two to be best friends *literally* forever.17_10_cordell_03 Sienna is looking entirely too grown up. I mean, they both are. Ayla was super tiny baby the first time I photographed her! I know from experience with my own kids how quickly they grow up, but it’s magnified x10 with families I photograph once every year or two. It is such a privilege to see who all these amazing kids are growing up to be. :)17_10_cordell_0517_10_cordell_04 SPUNK LEVEL = 100. I love it, I love it, I love it.17_10_cordell_06 17_10_cordell_07 17_10_cordell_0917_10_cordell_08 Kara, you rock the mom gig. You’re go-with-the-flow, you embrace all the silliness and fun, you let your girls be themselves, and you are the source of so much love for your family. I admire it all so much.17_10_cordell_10 Sienna, never ever stop loving life the way you do.17_10_cordell_1217_10_cordell_11 17_10_cordell_13 I kind of want to go do this session again, it was so much fun. Cheers to you, Cordell fam! Until next time. :)17_10_cordell_01