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seth + liz + lydia + connor + tyson + ezra

There is a major soft spot in my heart for families of six. Coming from one myself, I just feel an immediate connection. I get you! I speak your language! I love siblings and all their quirky, complicated, fascinating dynamics! So much fun!!! Imagine my excitement to hang out with this crew.
17_10_harlow_01Maybe someday I’ll understand my obsession with sibling dynamics, birth order, and the like. :) There’s just something so cool about four different people, all offspring of the same two individuals, but oh my word, they all get to be SO DIFFERENT!
17_10_harlow_02Baby Ezra: so sweet, but that smile has mischief in it. :) 17_10_harlow_03 Lydia is a gem. Her smile just melts me, and she’s everything a big sister should be. You can see how patience has been built up in her, and she’s got the sweetest joy. All these boys are so lucky to have her.17_10_harlow_04 Tyson, little man on the verge! So ready for all the big kid things coming his way. Also, his eyes are incredibly twinkly. :)17_10_harlow_05 17_10_harlow_06 Connor reminds me a thousand times over of my own brother (also a middle child!). He’s got some serious spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. I feel like I got a little preview into what kind of adult he could be. An awesome one, obviously. He recently lost a few teeth and they joke that he gave them to baby Ez, who has gained two in the same spot. So funny!17_10_harlow_07 There was something about these ladies of the house and their sameness. I could have photographed just the two of them for an hour. 17_10_harlow_08 But we did have some adorable photo bombers.17_10_harlow_09This is exactly why big families are so great. There’s an abundance of love to go around.17_10_harlow_10 Ok, so all of them have the twinkly eyes. ;)17_10_harlow_11 17_10_harlow_12 Seth & Liz, wow – what a dynamite family you have. Loved every second of our time together – thanks for sharing a bit of your crazy, beautiful lives with me!

nick + niki + alyvia + brooklyn

17_10_muller_01The two little ladies in this family are like my spirit animals. Like if they were combined into one person, because they’re really different, but…anyway. Gosh, I was glad to see these gorgeous faces again! And it doesn’t need noting, but Niki is a family-photo-outfit-coordinator extraordinaire. Girl, you should hire out your skills!17_10_muller_02 Oh hey there, pretty fam with the sweet girls and the adorable parents! :D
17_10_muller_03 Insert inspirational sister quote. I can’t, because they are always too cheesy for me, but here’s what I see in this photo. This duo right here are going to be influencing one another’s lives for the long haul. I looooove imagining what their relationship might look like over time. It’s pretty sweet right now, so I hope it doesn’t change too much from what it already is. 17_10_muller_04 Alyvia (on the left) thought she was being so good at keeping her real smiles to herself (but oh, she was wrong), and Brooklyn? Well, I couldn’t have posed her like that if I tried. The hands and everything – all her!17_10_muller_05 17_10_muller_06 17_10_muller_07 My fave – it’s like the blog image representation of the wiggly heart emoji. :)
17_10_muller_08 17_10_muller_09 17_10_muller_10 17_10_muller_11Sending you so much love, Niki, Nick & fam. You guys are rockstars.

nate + jen + jaxson + bohdan + kannon

17_09_bray_01I’m back at it today with an especially energetic crew of boys plus one gorgeous lady who is loved dearly by them all. :D These guys showed up ready to have fun, and I’m telling you, it was the best night.

17_09_bray_02 Keep a close eye on Bohdan (in the middle) throughout these photos. He is a ham. What I love most about kids his age is that they don’t fake a thing. There’s no guessing what they’re thinking. And he’s obviously used to being slung around. God bless allll the middle children. ;)17_09_bray_03I have so much respect for mama Jen. From the second she emailed me, I knew she was the kind of person I would instantly love. She knows how to laugh at herself and enjoy the little things. She wore her joy for her family on her face all night and it was SO. DANG. BEAUTIFUL. 17_09_bray_04 All them boys! And a little mom & dad love.17_09_bray_05 17_09_bray_06 Bohdan! You crazy boy, my favorite part about you is how your eyes light up with your smile.17_09_bray_07 Kannon (on the left) wins best chill, chunky baby award. He is just happy to be along for the ride, and his big brother Jaxson is everything a big bro should be. He has a lot of love for his siblings – so sweet!17_09_bray_08 17_09_bray_09 On the left, Bohdan is taking my directions as literally as possible (poor Kannon!). And on the right, is my favorite shot. So much happiness in one photo.17_09_bray_10 You guys are such a party – I just loved getting to see who you are and celebrate that as much as photos can. Cheers!17_09_bray_11

the hejny family

This five star, golden family brought me a significant amount of joy, laughter and dabbing on the beautiful fall evening we spent together. :D It was so good for me. My history with them goes back oh, ten years (what???) or so to my sorority days. Such fun times had with them!

17_09_hejny_01_feat 17_09_hejny_02 Garrison and Kase might look a bit familiar if you follow the blog regularly. These boys are so dang fun. They have an unmatched energy and are loaded with fun ideas for photos and ridiculously silly faces (not pictured here). :)17_09_hejny_03 17_09_hejny_04 17_09_hejny_05 Say hello to Courtney & Evan! They are refreshing to be around – super genuine and super talented (though super humble). Just super.
17_09_hejny_06 Like I said…17_09_hejny_07 Love this. If you know this family, you know they laugh a loud and laugh a lot!17_09_hejny_08 Pam & Terry = the most fun grandparents you could ask for. Lucky boys.17_09_hejny_09 This final image was a deal for the boys that they could do a photo with shades if they obliged all the other photo session nonsense. :) Loved hanging out with you, Hejny family! Hugs and high fives to you all.17_09_hejny_10

zach + rachel + elijah

Oh goodness, this is a good one, guys. My friend Zach moved away, he got married, they have a darling little boy, and I got to photograph them recently on a return visit to NEBRASKA! It was magical even before the golden glowing sunflowers lit up the landscape along with beautiful Rachel’s smile. 17_09_roth_01 Dreamy baby alert!17_09_roth_02 Number one trick to make Elijah smile = dad’s face. That’s not an insult, it’s a huge compliment! He just has such a connection with his daddy. ;)17_09_roth_0317_09_roth_04 The love between these three is just so good, and I think you can just see how it cycles in this photo. This one’s a favorite, for sure.17_09_roth_05 17_09_roth_06 Elijah. I noticed something awesome about this kid in his expressions – he flips between this serious, observant, furrowed “thinking” brow and a delighted joy. Juuuuuust a bit reminiscent of each of his parents? I think so.17_09_roth_07 17_09_roth_08 17_09_roth_09 There’s something about their fingers in this one that I love. :) 17_09_roth_10 17_09_roth_11 17_09_roth_12 Always one with just mom and dad. Zach & Rachel, it was such an honor to photograph all that makes you guys you. Elijah is the best, and so are you. We miss you already! 17_09_roth_13

kinsley + diane + oliver + baby

The bitty baby in this photo was born on Friday. It’s amazing. I cannot wait to meet her!!! I’m handling my excitement by blogging their maternity session. I bet it already seems like pregnancy was such a long time ago for this mama.

17_09_johnson_01 17_09_johnson_02 Meet Oliver, who is now a big brother. He is incredibly handsome, and has a super laid back sense about him. He’s gentle and tentative and a bunch of other things that will make him so good with a baby sister. She’s such a lucky little one.
17_09_johnson_03Savoring the last few days of being just the three of them.17_09_johnson_04 Diane, not only are you almost literally glowing in this photo on the right, but your smile is just incredibly beautiful. Such a lovely mama.17_09_johnson_05 17_09_johnson_07 My favorite on the right! :)17_09_johnson_06 I so enjoyed hanging out with you guys and photographing you just how you were before everything changed (again). See you and your sweet girl very soon!17_09_johnson_08

steve + molly + maryn + will | lincoln ne family photographer

I couldn’t be more partial to the precious people in these images. That will not stop me from gushing about them, and you’d better believe it’s 100% genuine. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t say it. And I love these four something fierce.17_09_orton_01

That blonde curly thing in the middle is my niece Maryn. She currently has a major, cheesy-ready-for-the-camera smile she likes to use, and I remember Molly saying (somewhat defeated) as soon as we finished with this session, “I just wish you could get her real smile sometime.” Boom. Sister, that’s what I do.17_09_orton_02Of course one of the best parts of photographing families is looking back at older photos to see all the chang that happens in a short amount of time. If you want to see how crazy fast kids grow (and how my editing styles have changed over the years – ha!), click through to see 2014, 2015, and 2016.) Molly, you’re beautiful.17_09_orton_03 Will (my nephew) and his many faces were so on point. He crushed these photos - such a big kid!17_09_orton_04 My heart has so many feelings for this one. This is basically why i do my job – to focus on the beauty of connection, relationship and love.17_09_orton_05 17_09_orton_06 Her spunk is unmatched. UNmatched.17_09_orton_07 17_09_orton_08 17_09_orton_09 17_09_orton_10 17_09_orton_11 I love how he’s looking at his dad. You can just see he’s looking for reassurance and affirmation.
17_09_orton_12 This sweet and wild boy. He has a million traits and emotions all balled up inside him and it’s awesome seeing him grow. This grin – it’s Will’s grin. It’s his mischief and sweetness all layered together in the cutest freckled face around.17_09_orton_13 And to end…a dance party on the water. What else? Love, love, love you, Orton fam.17_09_orton_14