the eluk family

These two brothers charmed me SO MUCH! I can only imagine that Sarah and Matt’s life, home, and busy days are full of sweetness with these two. They all got up early on a gorgeous fall morning for photos, and boy, did it pay off.

You know it’s going to be a great session when this is what the kids give you right outta the gates! They wasted no time in getting down to silly business.

They are just so cuddly and loving. Sarah is an exceptional mom. I can say that after spending one hour with her with absolutely no doubt in my mind. She is patient and so much fun, and she fills her boys with her contagious laughter. They clearly adore her.

Say hi to Ryan (appropriately nicknamed Ryno…)! He is happy-go-lucky, tough as nails, and wants to be just like big brother David. And his dad. And his mom. He’s full of energy and fun, and his smile will melt anybody, I guarantee it.

Brother hugs always seem to have an element of fierceness. 🙂

This is David, and he is delightful. He loves to be silly, and my favorite thing about him is the way his eyebrows bounce up when he’s brewing up curious thoughts and fun ideas. He’s a fantastic big brother – it’s so sweet to watch him with Ryan.

I don’t often include soft or blurred photos in my galleries. (Ok, I almost never ever do.) But when I do, it’s probably my favorite picture of the entire day, and the blur enhances the feeling I get when I look at it. Like this one, where Ryan is not quite in focus because he is cruising at full speed, keeping up with David and having the time of his life. Happy accidents like that are more than welcome in my book.

Boys, you truly have the most fun parents. Please, please, remember that fully every time you look at these next two photos!

Ok, so it would have been an excellent morning if we had ended there, but the boys brought their Halloween costumes for the last few photos, so it just blew up the cuteness factor off the charts! This pilot and Batman are ready – please give them lots of candy for their efforts. 😉

Cheers, Eluk family! Thank you so much for sharing the magic of your family with me.