jeff + cortney + elliot | watertown sd family photography

I love this family to pieces, and for good reason. It’s my little brother, his beautiful and kind-hearted wife, and my lovable, heart-melting nephew Elliot! I had the privilege of doing a little family session with them during my last trip back home to Watertown.

17_07_moffatt_01 Elliot is a (little) man of one thousand faces. He’ll study you with intensity for quite a while, but then his face melts into this adorable grin. 17_07_moffatt_02 I think he’s going to be quite the goof.17_07_moffatt_03 17_07_moffatt_04 Also, talk about a baby that (in my opinion) so closely resembles his parents! He is a perfect mix of mom and dad, but since I grew up with his daddy, almost all I see is baby Jeffy. ;) 17_07_moffatt_05 This epitomizes their family. They love fun and they do it well. 17_07_moffatt_06 17_07_moffatt_07 17_07_moffatt_08 I got teary taking this photo on the left. Jeff, you are such a good dad – so committed, tender, and heart-invested. I’m very proud of you.17_07_moffatt_09 17_07_moffatt_10 17_07_moffatt_11

Jeff & Cortney, this photo session with you made my heart sing. I hope it’s not long before I get to do it again. :)

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