mr. & mrs. reynolds get hitched

I’m so excited to finally share this post today. I recently went to Kansas City and photographed the wedding of my dear friend Mackenzie and her (now) husband Bud. This couple, as well as their families and friends, are such amazing, special, incredible people. It is a good, good thing to see God’s clear, abundant, joyful leading together of two that he wants to be one, and I got to be there with a front row seat. So on a beautiful, albeit windy November day, all the following loveliness and joy took place.

Before the ceremony, all the women associated with the bridal party read scripture and prayed for Mackenzie and Bud’s marriage. It was rich and full of emotion.

This is one of my favorite images from the entire day.

These two went all-out old-school, and didn’t see one another before this moment…

Your wedding was beautiful, Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds! I am eager to watch your marriage unfold in ways that lift up the Lord. Congratulations!

One thought on “mr. & mrs. reynolds get hitched

  1. k, here are my faves: mac and bud walking into the reception, the vintagey one walking out of the ceremony, the ones of jean helping her get her dress on, the one of mac and her rents before she walked down the aisle, and the ones of the groomsmen laughing. you are amazing. she is gorgeous. love.

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