the great pillow fight

No, this post is not about what I did last night. It is about the last of the DIY christmas presents I made this year. I call it a fight because it was the last project I tackled, so naturally I didn’t have lots of time to work on it, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I may or may not have cried over these silly pillows at some point. I know. I guess I’m that girl.

So my game plan with these was pretty much the same deal as the towels. I learned how to make an envelope style pillow with this tutorial, which I completely didn’t believe would work. But I followed the instructions word for word, and what do you know – it’s the easiest thing in the world. Just iron on the Wonder Under to the backside of your applique fabric and sketch and cut out your design.

Lay out the fabric for the actual pillow case and after folding it according to the tutorial instructions, pin the folds in place and find lightly make a few marks on the fabric with pencil, so you know where the front panel of the pillow will end up. Unpin the folds and iron on your design.

These pillows were for my sister’s tan living room couch and she is trying to incorporate bright white accent colors. I made two pillows – one with Chevron stripes and one with flower petals – using two different fabrics. One is bright white, the other is a neutral color, because I wanted to give the pillows some texture and dimension. On the petal pillow, I drew out a portion of my design, which I planned to repeat in a circle, so I could get an idea of size, then cut out one of each size and traced them onto the Wonder Under.

Line everything up before you start ironing, just to make sure you have enough room for everything. I put all the pieces down and arranged them, then took off the outer layers, ironed the first area, added the next ring, and so on.

Finish out the instructions from the tutorial and you’ve got yourself some really cute handmade pillow covers. You can get cheap inserts at Target. I also bought this green velvet pillow on sale and used long strips of fabric scraps to make the flowers on it. Just start twisting and rolling from one end and sew through the bottom a bunch. Technical? Not so much, but it worked.

I waited to post this project because I wanted to get some “After” pictures over at my sister’s house. They had a house guest for the weekend, and I got him to pose for me. What’s better than “After” pictures? “After” pictures with puppies in them…

Little Ajax. He belongs to some friends of ours who were out of town this weekend. I want to keep him. We get along so well.

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